To help out CloseComments, it would be nice to have another plugin that would scan posts in background, looking for posts that had a modified time more recent than the file on disk. It could then rebuild these entries.

This would be useful outside the scope of CloseComments, as it would be an easy way to get delayed updates for any modification that was required to be done in real time. Normally this could be done (for recent versions of Movable Type) by putting jobs in background tasks at the time of modification. A scanner of this sort would be superiour in some situations.

  • Locking is simpler in the presence of multiple plugins trying to start updates of the same posts. Because the updating is centralized overlapping updates are avoided
  • It might be that for time reasons even starting up background tasks is unacceptably expensive.

On the other hand, if semi-real time results are required then this approach would be unacceptable.

It would probably be necessary to limit the number of posts that were scanned per run to allow better tuning of latency and computational costs. The plugin would need to track where it was so that it could resume processing where it left off last time.