This project is a modified version of the file from Movable Type. It is (almost) completely backwards compatible with the original version, but provides three sets of extensions.

  • Tweaks to the original implementation to correct errors or provide easier use
  • Extensions to existing functionality
  • Additional functionality similar to but distinct from the original functionality

To install this, replace the existing file in lib/MT with the modified version. Be sure to have a backup copy of the original somewhere, although you can recover if necessary by downloading the original Movable Type distribution and copying the original file from there.


  • publishPost will now set the post state to “PUBLISH” if it is not already. This resolves an issue I have with w.bloggar leaving new posts in “DRAFT” state. In my view, if the client calls this method to publish a post, the post should end up published, i.e. publically visible.
  • editPost and newPost will now accept the trackback URLs to pick as a space separated string, in addition to an array of strings. This fixes an issue with w.bloggar.
  • editPost supports modifying the author of a post. It still requires that the specified author be associated with the weblog for the post.


The data returned can be controlled by the caller by specifying which fields to return.


Get a range of posts by properties.
Get a single comment by comment ID.
Get a range of comments by properties.