This is a collection of various junk filters I use which are not implementable in other junk filter plugins. Many of the original set have been removed because they can be done with the SpamLookup Extension.

Each filter can be tuned to have a distinct weight via the top level plugin settings page. Setting a weight to zero disables the filter.

This plugin also provides a nice platform for adding other simple filter checks.


  1. Get the distribution.
  2. Put the ‘transfinitum-junk-filters.pl’ file in the ‘plugins’ directory of your Movable Type installation.
  3. Configure the filters
    1. Go to the ‘Main Menu’ page.
    2. Click on the ‘Plugins’ link in the ‘System Shortcuts’ column.
    3. Click on the ‘Show Settings’ Link under ‘Transfinitum Junk Filters’.
    4. Set the weights and click ‘Save’.


Nothing to do, it’s an install and forget filter. If you don’t like a filter, configure the weight of that filter to be zero. Note that the plugin returns a single junk filter score, not one per filter, that is the sum of the scores of the filters that matched.

To add your own filters, you can add a new subroutine to the plugin. It takes two arguments

  1. The plugin object.
  2. The target object for the filter, which will be a MT::Comment or a MT::TBPing.

The subroutine should return a true value if it matched on the object, false otherwise. The filter weight is controlled via the configuration, not the code.

After writing the subroutine for the filter, add a description of the filter to the plugin construction. That’s it, the filter will now run with a configurable weight.