AutoBan (updated 14 Aug 07 • created 08 Apr 05)
Automatically maintain a .htaccess file to ban junk sources.
Configuring Webiki (updated 12 May 09 • created 20 Jan 05)
Configuration Guide for Webiki
FilterStack (updated 25 Sep 06 • created 21 Jan 05)
Combine existing text and global filters in to new text filters.
FormatStack (updated 03 Feb 09 • created 05 Dec 08)
Introduction FormatStack1 is a plugin for Movable Type that allows the composition of text formatters from formatters provided by other Movable Type plugins. If you have ever thought “it would be nice to use this format and that other one...
Installing Webiki (updated 12 May 09 • created 20 Jan 05)
Webiki Installation Guide
Lock down weblog content (updated 28 Aug 05 • created 23 Jan 05)
Purpose This technique password protects your Movable Type weblog content with your Movable Type credentials. Implementation Download the PHP file Change the file name extension from ‘.txt’ to ‘.php’ (necessary so it can be downloaded and not executed) Edit the...
MT 3.2 Patch: Trackback By Name (updated 11 May 06 • created 21 Mar 06)
Modifying the MovableType trackback interface to use names instead of numeric identifiers.
MT 3.2: Creating database tables for a plugin (updated 21 Mar 06 • created 10 Mar 06)
Automatically create database tables for a plugin.
MT 3.2: Junk slowdown (updated 22 Apr 06 • created 30 Mar 06)
Leave a slow response script in place of your renamed comment or trackback script to slow down junk attacks.
MT 3.2: Reset a password (updated 21 Mar 06 • created 08 Mar 06)
How to reset a password in MovableType using direct acccess to the database.
MT 3.2: Using system plugin settings as weblog defaults (updated 10 Mar 06 • created 10 Mar 06)
Implement a plugin so that if the user does not configure a weblog, that weblog uses the system settings.
MT 3.3 Patch: Trackback By Name (updated 26 Sep 06 • created 26 Sep 06)
Overview The trackback API for Movable Type starting with version 3.2 uses the internal numeric ID of the trackback object as the key. This has two problems: There is no relationship between the trackback key and information in an entry,...
MT Patch: Auto Disable POST Button (updated 02 Jun 07 • created 02 Jun 07)
Introduction One source of duplicate comments for Movable Type is users hitting the “POST” button multiple times, either through a key bounce or because of slow response. One amelorative option is to arrange for the “POST” button to be disabled...
MT::XMLRPC::getComment (updated 28 Aug 05 • created 25 Feb 05)
MT XMLRPC extension to get a comment
MT::XMLRPC::getCommentRange (updated 28 Aug 05 • created 25 Feb 05)
MovableType RPC extension for retrieving a range of comments
MT::XMLRPC::getPostRange (updated 06 Sep 05 • created 25 Feb 05)
MT XMLRPC extension for retreiving a range of posts
MTTacFeed (updated 02 Sep 07 • created 14 May 06)
Introduction MTTacFeed (MTTF) is a plugin to create feeds from the comments and trackbacks of a Movable Type weblog. “TacFeed” can be read as “Trackbacks and Comment Feed” or “Tactical Feed”, which isn’t as mnemnonic but sounds cooler. The fundamental...
Movable Type Authorizaton (updated 21 Mar 06 • created 22 Jan 05)
Implementation details of MovableType authorization.
MovableType RPC Extension (updated 28 Aug 05 • created 27 Feb 05)
Extended RPC support for MovableType
Notes on MT Dynamic Publishing (updated 28 Aug 05 • created 21 Jan 05)
For dynamic publishing, it looks like text filters are not directly supported. Instead, if a text filter is specified then a global filter with that tag is used. Global filters are modeled as Smarty ‘modifiers’, which turn out to not...
Patch: MT 3.2 (updated 20 Apr 06 • created 23 Feb 05)
Patches for MovableType 3.2
Refresh for static weblogs (updated 28 Aug 05 • created 20 Feb 05)
To help out CloseComments, it would be nice to have another plugin that would scan posts in background, looking for posts that had a modified time more recent than the file on disk. It could then rebuild these entries. This...
Simple Junk Filters (updated 21 Mar 06 • created 24 Feb 06)
A lightweight framework for lightweight filters with a few useful filters built in.
SpamLookup Extension (updated 14 Aug 07 • created 23 Feb 06)
A modified version of the SpamLookup plugin with the ability to apply filter words to specific fields in comments and trackbacks.
Textile (updated 28 Aug 05 • created 23 Feb 05)
Textile is a formatting syntax that supports simplified, inline means for indicating the formatting of text. It doesn’t support sophisticated layout but it does cover 95% of the formatting I need with much less effort than working in HTML....
Using Webiki (updated 12 May 09 • created 20 Jan 05)
Webiki User's Guide
Webiki (updated 12 May 09 • created 20 Jan 05)
Wiki-like words for MovableType
Webiki Requirements (updated 12 May 09 • created 20 Jan 05)
Requirements for Webiki
Weblog Defense Grid (updated 06 Sep 06 • created 26 Feb 06)
A description of my defenses against junk comments and trackbacks for MovableType.
WikiVar (updated 12 May 09 • created 23 Feb 05)
Support for Wiki-like variables
w.bloggar (updated 28 Aug 05 • created 27 Feb 05)
A local client for creating and editing MovableType posts