17 November 2013

Surprise! Words are not always sufficient

“Now, let’s face it, a lot of us didn’t realize that passing the law was the easy part.” — President Obama sums up the Modern American Left in one sentence. This is precisely what I mean by “Logo-Realism” and it is, I think, a Kinsley gaffe.

As we look back at a government effort which failed primarily because political considerations were far more important than technical ones to conceal the actual details of the program, some wonder about Obama’s credibility. I don’t see why, Obama has never depended on credibility in the normal sense. For his supports, he was a miracle figure who status did not depend on accomplishment of any sort. This isn’t much difference than the Obama quote at the start — his supporters thought electing Obama was the hard part, all Good Things would simply happen as natural consequence of that. Yet Democratic Party Congressmen wonder “I don’t know how he [Obama] f—-ed this up so badly”. Um, because he, like you, thought only the politics of it mattered, and that implementation was not a serious concern?


It is important to note that POR-care is an entire onion patch of failure. That is, multiple independent failures each of which is itself a nested set of failures. The IT project failure for healthcare.gov is but one layer in all of that.

For parallel IT failures, let us consider

In the onion we have other disasters waiting to be peeled off for POR-care including unsustainable Medicaid expansion and adverse selection problems, probably leading to a massive bailout for insurance companies. This is without even considering the security problems which make the website a target rich environment for black hat hackers, and the failure to vet the “navigators” who will have access to sensitive and private information about consumers.

We can start with how the self-employed losing their insurance is just the start. Even the Obama Administration admits that even people in group health plans will be reeducated forced in to insurance plans the federal government likes, rather than what the consumers or their employers want. This will be followed by the ever growing sticker shock.

But perhaps there is hope — HHS Secretary Sebelius wants an investigation in to the failure of healthcare.gov. Presumably so someone else can explain to her why she’s incompetent.

And of course, to defend the President the race card must be played because it can never, ever, be the fault of the hero.

Meanwhile, illustrating one of my other points, the Obama Administration thinks a blizzard of words can fix all of these problems, in a clap your hands if you believe style of governing. But, it seems, young people increasingly don’t believe and don’t want to join the White House Youth. Maybe due to the massive prevarications needed to fool the public into not punishing the political party that created it. Yet the effort at pep rallies and mass action to “fix” POR-care continues.

But in the end, this effort is shifting public opinion on universal health care, so you have to give the tranzis that.

P.S. I have some additional links about the Logo-Realism on display here, but I want to deal with that in a separate post. This time I wanted to do a link dump to reduce my open browser tabs.