Untrue and irrelevant
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As I understand it, the latest debate tactic among the Democrat chattering class of political wingnuts is to point out that Obamacare is nothing more than a 1999 Republican plan with a touch of Romneycare thrown in. So, why are they now so desperate to destroy this legislation they were for before they were against it.

Jack is Back

Yes, I’ve encountered that myself (I’m waiting for our Mr. Eagar to lay it on us, he seems to do an excellent job of firing off the latest MAList talking points).

Of course, at a base level this is like blaming a book author for the flop of a Hollywood movie based on the book for which the author was never consulted.

On a deeper level, what is actually the point? That the GOP can promote stupid, damaging policies too? You don’t have to work to convince me of that. Even if the claim is true, it makes this stupid, damaging legislation not a problem because…? I suspect that because of the ingrained group think / political correctness that prevails on the MAL these days, they consider it a strong argument. After all, whatever gonzo policy President Obama trots out they support, because Obama!

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erp Monday, 23 September 2013 at 17:45

Their confusion is understandable since the RINOs in congress are indistinguishable from the Democrat lefties.

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