If it fixes itself, I don't get my slice
Posted by aogTuesday, 10 September 2013 at 14:26 TrackBack Ping URL

This article about Microsofts problems, which it hopes to alleviate by buying Nokia, to me illustrates the repeated failure of anti-monopoly efforts by governments. As usual, all the effort expended, the massive costs, turn out to be completely pointless. Microsoft is now an aging giant, trying to hold on as its monopoly crumbles. Had the regulators simply done nothing at all, we would have ended up in this same state about the same time. A modern form of rain dancing as far as I can tell, but much more destructive.

All that is needed is for government to not intervene, to not support the monopoly. Absent that, the monopoly either continues to deliver value, or it is worked around and crumbles. In the first case, there’s no problem to solve, and in the second it solves itself. But there’s little scope for graft and self-importance in letting nature take its course.

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