Health Train Wreck
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As POR-care hurtles down the track to disaster, it’s mordantly amusing (when not infuriating) to see former passengers struggle to jump off something they pushed to get started (not to mention the desperate agitprop). Federal workers apparently think it’s great as long as they don’t have to participate just like any good feudal aristocracy.

I think at this point the best strategy for people who want a working health care system in the USA is not to try to defund POR-care (for various reasons, such as it’s not going to actually happen) but to attach riders to the continuing resolutions for government funding (since we don’t do budgets anymore thanks to the Democratic Party controlled Senate) that eliminate all exemptions, waivers, and illegal delays for POR-care, especially the Congressional staff exemption. Politically that will be a lot harder for the MALists to defend and if passed in to law will be difficult for even Old Media to use to blame the POR-care disaster on the GOP.

P.S. Oh look, time to dial down expectations now that reality is hitting the fan. What was the point of POR-care, again? Meanwhile, Old Media does its part to keep the political climate adjusted.

P.P.S. I have to add this about POR-care getting the government back in to your bedroom. It’s for your own good! P.P.S. Bureaucrats don’t select for innovation but for what fits in the boxes on the form.

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cathyf Saturday, 21 September 2013 at 11:02

I think another piece of the Obamacare train wreck is the ever-expanding list of no-co-pay mandates. I think that this is half of what the contraception mandate is about — not that it is required to be covered, but that it is required to be “free”.

Take a very very very simple example… Suzy is on the pill, which she gets from the Wal-Mart pharmacy for $2.80/month as part of their dime-a-day generic plan. Her insurance covers birth control, but they have a $6/mo co-pay for generics, so the Wal-Mart only charges her the actual $2.80 cost, and the insurance company pays nothing.

So now Obamacare comes along. Suzy’s new ob/gyn has been talking to pharma salescritters who have been talking up their new in-patent special-purpose BCs. At Suzy’s next prescription renewal, she prescribes one of them, which costs $92/month. Now with the old insurance laws, Suzy would have balked at paying her insurance company’s $27/month in-patent co-pay for a drug when she knew that she could get something that works just as well for less than $3/month, but now that it’s “free” — well, Suzy feels that she is a special person who deserves the special drugs, and she doesn’t even realize that they cost a lot of money.

So here you have it — one person wastes about $1000/yr of insurance premium money on nothing.

There are about 50 million women on the pill in the US. Suppose 98% of them are not ditzy airheads like Suzy. Well, 2% of 50 million is a million ditzy airheads each wasting $1000/year.

One Billion dollars. With a ‘B’. Per year. One billion dollars that can’t be spent on real health care because the Ditz Sisterhood flushed it down the toilet making themselves feel special.

What does a billion dollars buy? Currently, the cost of a new drug is between 1 and 1.5 billion dollars. If we are spending the money on the Ditz Sisterhood, then we can’t spend it developing some new drug. At the Ditz’s rate of stupidity, it’s one drug sacrificed every 12-18 months. So what drugs are we going to give up? What about cures or treatments for up-til-now untreatable diseases like Huntington’s Disease, Eclampsia of Pregnancy, or ALS? Chemo with fewer side effects? Treatments for arthritis that don’t kill people with the immune suppression?

Those, like many others, are terrible scourges on humanity, causing untold misery and death to the human race. Up until “The Secretary decreed” that our insurance premium money had to be looted to make the Ditz Sisterhood feel special, we had high hopes of finding those treatments, and soon, just as our insurance premium money had funded many wonderful cures in the past, cures that tamed terrible scourges that caused suffering for all of human history until they were cured.

Everybody who isn’t a total idiot knows that the “free stuff” isn’t actually free — why can’t the Republicans manage to explain what this “free” stuff will cost? Ask someone who has the gene for Huntington’s Disease. Who has watched relatives die from it. It’s a horrible, lingering death. The natural progression is that the control over muscles slowly disappears until the victim finally dies by drowning in his or her own saliva. Often alone, because the neurological changes have caused bizarre and vicious behavior changes that have driven away anyone who ever loved the patient. Many sufferers commit suicide while they still have the muscle control to carry it out.

And the person who has the gene but has not developed symptoms or is still in the very early stages knows that all of this is coming for them, and they know that the only hope is some promising research that is being done. Nobody knows when the discovery will be made, and whether it will be soon enough, but they all have hope. Well, unless they have figured out what Obama has done to them — he has taken the billions that should have gone to pay for a treatment for their Huntington’s, and given it to the Ditz Sisterhood so that they can simply throw it away on something totally useless. Because, you know, there are a lot more ditzy women than Huntington’s sufferers, and it’s all about the number of votes, dude.

I have a friend who has the gene for Huntington’s, and she occasionally posts stuff on her FB page. They KNOW that it will take a small miracle to find a cure or even an effective treatment. They don’t expect it to be free or cheap. That is what insurance money is supposed to be for — it’s to pay for frightfully expensively things for only the few people who actually need it. What Obama has done is to steal that money designated to save people from terrible suffering, so that he can spread it out a little at a time buying the votes of people too stupid to know they are taking blood money…

Shamelessly stolen, see link for source.

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