Regulating the unknown
Posted by aogFriday, 10 May 2013 at 10:33 TrackBack Ping URL

Today, the US State Department demanded that Defense Distributed take its 3D gun files off the Internet, according to Forbes

It is one of the things that most encourages me about the well regulated economy are little stories like there where the regulators clearly have not the slightest conception of how things actually work. As anyone who understands even a little bit of the Internet knows, those files are now globally distributed and accessible to anyone with moderate effort. Short of banning 3D printers there’s no way for a government to stop it. Doing this just undermines a little more the public confidence in our ruling class. I would bet money the State Department congratulated themselves when Defense Distributed complied immediately with the request, rather than grasping the compliance was just another insider joke because I guarantee Defense Distributed knows the files are still out there and accessible.

You can see the same thing with gun control. New York state de facto banned pistols with a 7 round magazine limit yet failed to realize this until the legislation was signed in to law. It is hard for me to consider such blatant and easily detected flaws making it in to legislation as well regulated. And even then, if state governors are willing to break the law when even regulation isn’t enough, why should I trust them at all? Even more so when they admit it’s all about control and removing choice from those who are not the enlightened vanguard.

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