Assortive mating
Posted by aogTuesday, 14 May 2013 at 15:29 TrackBack Ping URL

There’s some brouhaha about top executives as ABC, CBS, and CNN having spouses working in the White House some of them in the national security area.

I honestly don’t think this influences the coverage. I think this is a symptom of the close relationship between Old Media, the MAL, and the leadership of the Democratic Party. Old Media covers for the latter two, and especially its saint, President Obama, because that’s who they are.They’re just different branches of effectively the same class / tribe / social strata. They intermarry for the same reason. The key point is that all of this is the fact there is no longer any adversarial relationship between Old Media and our ruling class MAL, not even social distinction (as there was when journalists were “reporters” and not celebrities in their own right). To expect objectivity or acting against class interests from Old Media is simply foolish and the American Street needs to realize that.

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