Rewarding violence
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Remember when the Hutaree were that vicious white militia that was ging to destroy America…yeah, except all charges have been dropped against all of them and their property returned.

Remember those law enforcement killings in Texas we were told were being ordered by Ayan Nation white Supremicists? Yeah, turned out it was actually fellow law enforcement personnel who are now being prosecuted for the killings.

Remember when they said it was right wingers who planned to bomb NYC due to Obamacare, oops and then it wasn’t.

Seems like the media ONLY wants to jump to conclusions when its right wing extremists.

I myseld think the Boston bombers are the usual left wing terrorist looking for tenure at a major left wing university or perhaps a chance to kick-off a future Presidents campaign in Chicago.

A leftist terrorist looks to get promoted to tenured proffessor or Obama fund raiser by the left but a self-proclaimed anti-government terrorist gets DEAD DEAD DEAD in less than 6 years like McVeigh.

You don’t hear the right defend McVeigh, the left constantly defends the left wing bombers.


Maybe the Boston bomber is just looking for a career path like Bill Ayers.

But Old Media and the Democratic Party have to push the Narrative, even if pre-emptively — examples here and here.

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Hey Skipper Thursday, 18 April 2013 at 03:51
The MSM (NYT, Krugman, et al) didn't learn a [insert expletive here] from the Giffords shooting, did they? Although, given the complete lack of contrition from their grotesque behavior, that has been long apparent.
Annoying Old Guy Thursday, 18 April 2013 at 07:26
What would they learn? What negative consequences resulted from their similar behavior concerning the killing of Judge John Roll?
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