Dereplicating success
Posted by aogWednesday, 27 March 2013 at 12:02 TrackBack Ping URL

In yet another issue of “don’t results count?” we have this via Instapundit which discusses how India and particularly its poor benefited from reduced state control of the economy. Meanwhile the powers that be here pursue the opposite strategy while claiming to be concerned about the poor. Either they’re stupid, or the results that really count are controlling other people.

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Bret Wednesday, 27 March 2013 at 15:31

There’s quite a difference between 1991 India and the current U.S. so while I agree with the gist of what you’re saying, this particular post doesn’t really stand on its own.

Annoying Old Guy Wednesday, 27 March 2013 at 15:45

I was thinking on a larger scale, to respond to the common accusative question “when have freer markets ever helped the poor?”. It’s generally hard to pick specific instances because everything is always different.

P.S. I got a heated response the other day for daring to suggest that California (as a state) is having financial difficulties. You will be happy to know that everything is fine, and all those state finance problems have been addressed. And that’s a live report from California, so it must be accurate.

Bret Wednesday, 27 March 2013 at 17:07

Yes, well, California has hired some very, very “creative” accountants so now we’re in excellent financial shape again! Yay, us!

Annoying Old Guy Thursday, 28 March 2013 at 15:45

Even France is smarted than that [source].

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