31 March 2013

Private corporate matters

I find the latest brouhaha about Starbucks rather overblown. If Starbucks wants to be openly political by support same sex marriage, that it is its privilege1. If this provokes a backlash or boycott, that’s certainly not forbidden either. I actually agree with the Starbucks CEO when a complaint about this was made at the stock holders meeting, when the CEO said “If you don’t like it, sell your shares”. Exactly so.

However I have no expectation of any MAList maintaining this appreciation of free markets when the political shoe is on the other foot.

1 Although I think it’s stupid for a corporate to get involved in such a specific and divisive issue, I can hardly say it’s forbidden.

Fun with gun free zones

I don’t see the problem with a restaurant that claims to be a “gun free zone” imposing that on police as well. If guns are that dangerous, it seems only prudent.

29 March 2013

Only looking for warning signs

Ed Driscoll at Instapundit cites an article about getting a job —

Young job hunters need to rethink their social media presence. Social proof is critical to employers.

Is that true? I can understand the “drop the drunken frat party pictures” but speaking as an employer I check social media only for extremes — an obviously out of control person, utterly inarticulate, or a sparkling genius1. But if your social media doesn’t indicate one of those, I can’t imagine caring. Certainly the absence of a social media presence would be of no consequence.

On the flip side, even as I pick up new clients for consulting, none of them care about my social media except for basically the same reasons or other minimalistic points2. Is this more prevelant in non technical fields?

1 For example, an astoundingly brilliant but ironically challenged blogger.

2 For instance, it’s expected that you have a LinkedIn page, but no one seems to care what’s on it beyond corporate contact information, since the point is to put you in their electronic rolodex.

28 March 2013

More recycling

Deep Black writes about somebody discovering that evolution can be random. My first thought was, how is this different from the Cambrian Explosion? I know Sociobiolgy discussed that very thing, how simple geographic separation can create new species. Heck, didn’t Darwin start with finches?

Regulation guild system

Most regulation of business, particularly on the state and local level, is about maintaining a guild and stifling competition than protecting consumers. The Institute for Justice has won another case against this regard making coffins which are generally overpriced for precisely this reason. I am happy to be a contributor to IJ.

27 March 2013

Plot recycling

Is it just me, or do the plots for the new Star Trek Into Darkness movie and Olympus has Fallen seem very similar?

Dereplicating success

In yet another issue of “don’t results count?” we have this via Instapundit which discusses how India and particularly its poor benefited from reduced state control of the economy. Meanwhile the powers that be here pursue the opposite strategy while claiming to be concerned about the poor. Either they’re stupid, or the results that really count are controlling other people.

Pissed off about winning

Yeah, nothing makes liberals happy because it’s the fight that is the thing. I mixed it up a bit on Facebook on one of those sappy icon thinking people. What got to me was the endless repetition of the “live and let live” propaganda about same sex marriage. Anyone with a clue realizes that it’s basically a blatant lie, no one will be left alone if the SCOTUS rules there is a Constitutional right to same sex marriage. However, if you point this out, you get called names and are shunned for “bashing”. Apparently this is also seen as a religious based argument for some reason, although no basis for that was offered. My favorite bit, though was to told that “it’s the law, so suck it up and get over it” with regard to previous government interventions in society. I pointed out that the law makes same sex marriage illegal, so should its proponents also “suck it up and get over it”. This was not well received.

I was left with a strong sense of DOOM that the zeitgeist has shifted to not just tolerating but actively supporting a totalitarian state, as long as there’s a vote on it. That seems to be the meaning of “democracy” these days. Now that the MAL thinks it has won, the underlying intolerance and hate are no longer concealed. It is because of that that even victory is bitter ashes to the MAL.

P.S. Let’s add the Jesus Stomp Incident to the pile, as it’s another classic example of double standards.