24 February 2013

Allowing consequences

I think the points in this article about the ongoing failure of Detroit are well taken. We will never recover from this kind of social failure until we have the strength to let it happen. The voters in Detroit have made their choice, and from the blow back on the issue still strongly support the city government. So let them have what they want good and hard. Beyond the points in the article, there is the fact that every bad thing that happens from this point forward will be far more easily blamed on someone other than the city government or the voters. The only hope of recovery is to not do things which obfuscate that.

Results not counting

Forbes Magazine has compiled another list of the most miserable to live in cities in the USA. Unsurprisingly to annoy paying attention, they are basically all run by the Democratic Party. The voters have created ungovernable messes and are now fleeing, presumably to recreate the same failure in their new homes (because, since these problems weren’t caused by the Wrong People, they don’t count, so why not do it all again?).

I did like this bit

Forbes put Detroit Mayor Dave Bing on its cover in 2011 for a story with the optimistic headline: “City of Hope.”

The curse of the magazine cover still works…

Paranoid delusions about gun confiscation

It’s a common refrain among the Good People that concerns of gun confiscation are just paranoid delusions. Yet here we have proposed legislation in Oregon that would do exactly that. What’s stunning to me is how the tranzis can do both of these at the same time, thanks to the propaganda efforts of Old Media. It’s like watching the Ministry of Truth operating the memhole in real life.

23 February 2013

Results only count when the blame can be applied to the target

I was reminded of how a beloved member of our crew used to ask, “don’t results count?” when reading several articles over the last week.

First up is about Democratic Party members of Congress turning on the implementation of POR-care, as if they didn’t vote for it to find out what was in it. The key point is that bad results are so obvious they must be admitted, then must be blamed on some one else (the appartchiks1 in this case).

Next we had the proprietor of Harry’s Place basically blame Republicans for the failure of the Los Angeles City government2.

How can I not mention the outrage in France over a CEO’s comments?

Or a DNC member implying Chicago’s murder rate is the fault of Congressional Republicans. This is a two-fer since the sequestration came from the Obama Administration to start with.

So remember kids, results count only when you can blame some one other than a collectivist.

1 The apparatchiks must share some of the blame because they’ve been corrupt, greedy, and incompetent, but certainly not the majority of it.

2 One should note the original post is as clear an example of “socialism is the equal sharing of misery” as I have ever seen.

Speaking of compassion, it's only for the right people

Via Joanne Jacobs

A boy who identifies as a girl has the right to use the girls’ restroom and play on girls’ sports teams, the Massachusetts Department of Education has told schools. Transgender girls have the right to use boys’ restrooms and play on boys’ teams.

The guidance said some students may feel uncomfortable sharing those facilities with a transgender student but this ‘‘discomfort is not a reason to deny access to the transgender student.’’

When faced with the choice of discomforting one student, or larger numbers of students, the state decided to do the latter. The needs of the one outweigh the needs of the many apparently.

Coercive legitimacy

A good quote with regard to Bret’s Might Makes Right

Far from some enlightened institution, taxation began when conquerors realized that formal and continuing appropriation of a subject population’s wealth was preferable to hit-and-run pillaging. For this to work, however, the rulers needed to convince the peasants that the regime would protect them from predators in return for their regular remittances. That’s right: It was a protection racket, from which the racketeers and their cronies profited handsomely. For the taxpayers, there was little choice in the matter. They weren’t buying protection as people buy insurance in the market, and they weren’t paying dues as they would later pay dues to mutual-aid societies. They paid or they were punished.

21 February 2013

Thereby proving the point

Apparently a foreign CEO said bad things about French workers and so naturally there is much talk of revenge and fighting back. What makes it funny is that the bad things were a response to the French government asking this ill manned foreign troll to rescue a failing French company. Once again the essential dysfunction of collectivism is exposed — it desperately needs the efforts of precisely the people it most despises. If people like the CEO weren’t required to fix the collectivism induced problems, they wouldn’t care. But when he refuses to sacrifice himself and his stock holders for the NeoCom’s benefit, it cannot be tolerated.

P.S. Before we feel all superior about the stupid French, let’s be reminded of our own government punishing a financial rating company for being honest about the USA’s debt problem.

Voting for failure

What [Senator] McCain is, in effect, saying is that he has no personal or professional problem with putting an incompetent man in charge not only of America’s defense but also—because of what falls under the Pentagon’s umbrella—most of America’s intelligence assets as well.

Michael Rubin

That’s our current ruling class — admitting in public the candidate is incompetent and voting to confirm them to one of the highest positions in our Republic. What in the private sector can match that?

[via Sister Toldjah]


All of that said, Republicans are in this fix because Democrats won’t act responsibly. Recall what happened when President George W. Bush nominated the hapless Harriet Miers to the Supreme Court. The opposition party was pushing for her, figuring she’d be a dim pushover. But following in-person meetings on Capitol Hill, it was Republicans, unlike Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.) and his Democratic friends, who came out not to vouch for her but to say they were concerned and unsatisfied. Republican senators and a grass-roots conservative movement organized against their own president. (We can do better. This is an insult to the institution. She’s in over her head.) And sure enough the White House found a graceful way to end the nomination, saying it couldn’t provide documents needed for confirmation because of executive privilege.

Jennifer Rubin

Who is the irresponsible, loony party again?

Remove accountability and what do you expect?

IBD wonder why the Congressional Black Caucus is so much more corrupt than the rest of Congress. Given the general state of our Congress, that’s some heavy duty exceptionalism.

Of course the answer is obvious — due to the way the tranzis have destroyed the very term “racism” these people get a complete pass on any ethical lapses. This simply encourages ever more corruption until it finally becomes too much even for our politically correct society. Naturally this sort of thing requires punishing any members of a protected class who wander off the plantation…

This is the general way the MAL makes problems worse in the guise of making them better. It’s almost a metaphor for their entire gestalt of dealing with real world problems. Silence people from talking about them and pretend that fixes the problem. It worked out so well in Detroit after all.

The Detroit situation seems a fine place to to draw a line, though — I laugh at the concept of “innocent voters”. They voted for these politicians in the past and, as far as I can tell, still support them. Let them all enjoy the results of their comity.

19 February 2013

Water torture

The key lesson from the Senator Rubio drinking water is that for conservatives Old Media is an implacable enemy and will drive the most trivial stories if its politically apt1. Conservative politicians need to learn that you might as well be hung for a wolf as a sheep and not even try to appease the political hacks who comprise Old Media.

P.S. I must note the incredible gullibility of Old Media when the story is channeled by The Narrative. Just recently we have the Sarah Palin joins Al-Jazeera and now the flagrant misquote of Rand Paul. It’s not that mistakes are made, its that no effort to verify is done.

1 Just contrast coverage of Senators Rubio and Menendez vs. the severity of the underlying scandal.

I've always seen the violence inherent in the system

As the Chris Dorner rampage indicates, collectivism is violent in its base nature. How can it be otherwise, since its fundamental premise is to prevent consenting relationships among adults? In this case it wasn’t possible, even for Old Media, to blame it on conservatives. Because the terms “conservative” and “right wing” are used by Old Media as labels for “bad stuff”, absent that signal we see the natural tendency towards violence leading to exculpation for Dorner.

This isn’t a recent phenomenon — when violence doesn’t work great efforts are made to change the labeling, as was done spectacularly in rewriting the history of fascism as a “right wing” phenomenon when it is an outgrowth of socialism as any perusal of actual history shows1.

From all this we see once again that the claims of being “popular” and “for the people” is another Big Lie — people do not, in general, like what the tranzis are about and obtaining the power to impose unpopular policies requires massive propaganda.

1 Even the Haymarket riots look very different if you dig through the contemporary data and not revisionist history.

18 February 2013

In reality, they enjoy being abused

The Hill reports that reporters are whining about lack of access to the White House even as those same reporters engage in hagiography that rivals the North Korean press. Beyond the standard tranzi nature of liking those who abuse them, I suspect these people really don’t understand humans or human societies. It seems they honestly hold the view that you get rewarded for being a sycophantic doormat to Chicago style political thugs like those in the current Administration. I guess those reporters really are that naive.

15 February 2013

Tales of the unexpected

Hot Air reports that backers of the DFL party in Minnesota (effectively the Democratic Party) are now shocked, shocked, to find that the massive additional spending by the recently elected governor and legislative majorities of that party will involve raising taxes. Who could have forseen that?

P.S. If our dear Mr. Eagar is looking for examples to support the contention that business owners are idiots, it would be hard to top this.

Tell me again why I should respect thugs?

Look for that union label when you want to find people being violent and destructive without penalty.

Rhetorically only

In the chronicles of “any statement of principle by the Modern American Left is purely a rhetorical device for political gain” we have these poll results showing that the problem with drone strikes and killing American citizens overseas is about who is authorizing the strikes, not the strikes themselves. The conservatives, by and large, have the same view1 as with former President Bush. As usual, the MAL prefers caudillo to rule of law. But it’s not for me to call them “overtly unprincipled hacks”, because another has said it better.

1 Which I find to be strong evidence against claims of “Obama Derangement Syndrome”.

14 February 2013


I’ve been told to promote through “social media” the North American Apache Conference at which I will be giving a talk on “Transparent HTTP using Apache Traffic Server”. I expect most of you to attend.

P.S. Feel free to volunteer to help review my slides beforehand, I have them mostly done.

I see logo-realists

Sarah Hoyt discovers Logo-Realism and gets a link from Instapundit. I only get you guys.

I would point out that Logo-Realism has a basis in reality, in that the nomenklatura live almost entirely in a world where it works. They have jobs, money, power, purely from symbolic manipulation. The problem, as others have noted, is that they have lost the thread that connects all of that back to the underlying physical reality, who think food comes from grocery stores. It’s the same sort of thing that thinks jobs come from someone saying “you’re hired!” without dependency on some lower layer of reality.

The wages of hate

What mockery can suffice for the latest Old Media epic fail on the subject of Sarah Palin? As many have noted, this is foremost The Narrative in action. One might also wonder how this story about a putatively irrelevant former politician on an obscure parody website came to the attention of the Washington Post in the first place. But hardly unexpected in an environment where the political directory for a major network news organization calls for the destruction of a major political party. Although reading any bias in to that is clearly just being hoodwinked by the right wing noise machine.

P.S. Let’s not forget the massive bias in covering the killing of an American Ambassador in Benghazi. A good quote

Yet President Obama avoided all of that [press criticism]. Indeed, it was Mitt Romney who incurred the special wrath of reporters for his criticism of a statement made by the American embassy in Egypt after the building was stormed by an angry mob (a criticism, by that way, that the Obama administration agreed with a few hours after Mr. Romney made it).

The Obama Administration lies massively about Benghazi, sends an innocent film maker to jail, and yet Old Media excoriated Romney for making an accurate statement, because that statement was critical of Obama. Yet I’m expected to believe that is not evidence of bias.

13 February 2013

Why look for something no one cares is there?

Everybody is fact checking the President’s State of the Union speech but the real problem is that we, as a society, as voters, appear to simply not care if there are any facts in it. President Obama has been shown time and again to have flagrantly and blatantly lied about almost every policy and yet he was re-elected. What difference, at this point, does his reality dysfunction make?