Turning citizens in to serfs
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Now “middle class” means “union workers”, generally government union workers and the middle and upper end of the pay scale. The term “The Rich” means “the middle class” as it was traditionally understood.

Once upon a time to be in the middle class meant that one owned a small or medium sized business. True, there were some management and professionals that where sort of in that group, but they were a minority and in general their aspirations and values where aligned with the broader group of business owners. Most certainly, to be middle class meant one got up every work day and worked for a living. This was the real “American dream”: to work for yourself and be left alone.

“The Rich” meant mostly those who lived off of inherited wealth, not withstanding a smaller group of successful, first generation business people and entrepreneurs.

The fact that they call those making over $250k “The Rich” should tip you off. The fact that they can get away with this should scare you to death. They would have been laughed off the dais 15 years ago if they had tried this sort of rhetorical switcheroo.

More to the point, in the real world this “tax the rich” mumbo jumbo amounts to a bad (and wildly cynical) joke. The real “Rich” provide much of the market for tax free government securities; the middle class cannot possibly survive on government securities as a primary source of income. Both the real rich and the Democrats understand this—in fact, the “real rich” as a group tend to be Democrats now.

“Tax the Rich” is just a code. The real target here is the white middle class—the “real” middle class. The GOP and a great many conservative, particularly in the punditry, have fallen for this gambit of a redefinition of the term. They are literally responding to the wrong argument, and doing so unwittingly. They are having the wrong debate. Obtusely, they walk right into the landmine that the Democrats have prepared

If the GOP had any stones they would point this out. They would point out that the whole coalition of the Democrats provide little wealth or add much real value to the GDP. They would point out the lie of all this. To those that vote Dem who do provide some value—say some in the tech sector for example—they need to point out that they will eventually be targets too.

This, of course, will never happen. The middle class will be taxed out of existence.

To state the obvious, this taxation is wholly political and ideological in nature: it is about destroying the middle calls—excuse me, the white middle class—to achieve and absolute grip on power. These taxes will not in any way substantially reduce our debt nor will the Democrats do anything other than increase spending. If there are cuts they oill be on the very things that should not be cut, things that support American leadership.

Everything that Obama and his vipers say is a lie. Everything they utter is 160 degrees from the truth. Democrats are “for the middle class” in the sense the wolves are “for sheep”.


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Bret Thursday, 15 November 2012 at 09:41

The middle class will be taxed out of existence.

This is most likely hyperbole. In places with higher taxes (most of Europe, for example), there are still business owners [what’s being called middle class here].

There may well be a lot fewer of them, but it’s unlikely they’ll be taxed out of existence. I strongly dislike such exaggeration because it makes it impossible to have a reasoned debate and convinces no one.

Annoying Old Guy Thursday, 15 November 2012 at 11:21

It probably is hyperbole, but on the other hand the EUlite, for all their problems, do seem to be able to limit their looting far more than the American elite. I think it quite possible that excessive taxation will go much further against the middle class here than there. A key question would be, at what point does the middle class of small business owners become effectively non-existent?

I do think this is accurate in describing the goals of the Tranzis.

Annoying Old Guy Thursday, 15 November 2012 at 17:46

Here’s a bit more over the edge stuff, but it’s hard for me to say exactly where it’s too much. I think all five points are basically correct, it’s only a matter of how much of that we’ll see.

When this administration was sworn in I was comforting myself with belief that there are laws to prevent the most gross outrages. Then came GM bailout, offshore drilling ban, Obamacare pass by reconciliation. With the 2010 win of the House, I was hopeful that the spending would be slowed or stopped, and that house investigations will at least give the gangsters a pause. That worked out well, too.

They will move faster now because our side is shellshocked and completely underestimate their intentions and tactics. The sky won’t fall tomorrow but each day will be a little harder, little darker, little more hopeless. This is not to say we need to give up; just the opposite, but know this, yesterday’s rules no longer apply.

1. Obama and his minions will spend the next four years undermining, if not destroying, the potential for another fair election.

2. Obama and his minions will spend the next four years institutionalizing graft, corruption, and cronyism to a point where people will be afraid to cross them. Businesses who either will not, or cannot financially demonstrate their loyalty to the proper officials and party will be taxed and regulated out of existence.

3. Obama and his minions will put in place the policies and conditions by which more of America receive some or all of their income through government handouts, ensuring that people will be forced to vote from fear and envy, rather than ideals.

4. Obama and his minions will solidify their hold on the education system, to make sure that subsequent generations see things through a collectivist lens.

5. The Constitution, US Code, tradition, morality and common sense will be ignored when inconvenient, dissent will be ridiculed or crushed, and the court systems will be packed to ensure that there will be no successful legal challenge. Republican “leadership” will be nothing more than a speedbump initially, and eventually cave completely in order to maintain a place at the table, because that’s what really matters to them.

We must stick together and help each other. There will be challenges as never before. Between ourselves and on several on-line forums there are enough brilliant and experienced people from all walks of life to out-think, outwit and find ways to go around lots if not most of what is going to hit us. I would rather spend my mental energies in other ways, but this is a new reality and we better deal with cold facts.

Hope is not a sound basis for planning. Wishful thinking is a certain road to ruin.

The sooner we realize that they are not bound by any law that is inconvenient to them the better we will be able to resist. And resist we must, even if is only reorganizing our lives toward black market. We cannot sacrifice principles to pandering. I agree — strongly — with these sentiments from another correspondent who wrote, in part:

… We have to hit bottom FAST.

A slow decline to socialism will lead to the same conditions that allowed the rise of Islamic fascist influence in countries like Great Britain. Don’t laugh. You probably thought a lot of things could never happen that are now commonly accepted. … Hit bottom fast. … Get it over with. Don’t just slide down the hole clawing all the way to the bottom. Jump in and hit the trampoline with enough force to bounce back to the top. SPEND BABY!

In my opinion, the best way forward to to hasten the inevitable. WTF?

The quicker we get to full-form economic collapse, the better. It is the shock factor that is needed. If Americans can incrementally adjust to a continued lowering of their expectations, of their standard of living, they will as well adjust to the pain; the slower boiling of the frog. We need to be plunged full scale into the boiling pot.

THUS, in spite of the harm to national security and loss of tens of thousands, millions of employees’ jobs, I fully support allowing sequestration to go forward, for the “tax cuts” to expire etc. Sure, we invite attacks against America, what’s new?

Benghazi happened and we did nothing. Shit happens, why should we think that with a robust military or a emasculated military the National Command Authority’s direction would be any different? People, innocent people will die. Just the cost of “perfecting” the union, as the resident might say…

Bring it on. Let’s financially “break” America sooner, rather than later. It is going to happen one way or another. Once we go through a figurative chapter 13, both financially and politically America can emerge and try to regain it fundamentals, as Lord discusses.

Millions and millions of additional Americans, unemployed, seeking benefits, foodstamps (and free phones). I envision lines forming at soup kitchen run by FEMA or more likely, your local church. The pain must be REAL, GREAT and IMMEDIATE.

Sandy Daze

Bret Thursday, 15 November 2012 at 18:02

I appreciate the courage of solid predictions. We can check in four years to see if it turned out that way.

I’ve been hearing about coming apocalypses for decades and none of them materialized. I’m rather skeptical of this one as well.

Annoying Old Guy Thursday, 15 November 2012 at 19:03

Yes, that’s the problem with doomsday scenarios. But I think we really are reaching the end of the road because of the world wide OPM famine. We’re crossing over the top of the Laffer curve and there is no large reserve left to keep the party going. I can’t see things going on as they have for another 4 years.

One thing to note, against this prediction, is the success of the GOP at the state level. It may be harder for Old Media to keep things under wraps there and so the tide is turning sooner. As I noted elsewhere, the Democratic Party has had to resort to ever more strenuous and fraudulent efforts to keep winning elections and even with that, vote totals are slipping far more than for the GOP.

Again, I’m not sure how predictive this, but I do think it’s very descriptive. I have little doubt it is what is planned. Will it happen? That’s harder to say.

So what does all that together mean? I don’t really know, but I am confident that something is going to give in not more than a few more years. I certainly think everyone, including the Obama Administration, is going to have a very miserable second term. I also think California is going to beat Illinois to bankruptcy after your last state elections, as the voters saw the giant pit that had been dug and said “we need more shovels!”.

Bret Thursday, 15 November 2012 at 23:45

So I can put you down as predicting California will be bankrupt within 4 years?

Annoying Old Guy Friday, 16 November 2012 at 06:12

Hmmmm. That’s a bit different from what I wrote (which was about federal spending), although I can point out people who think California is already bankrupt1 so how would we judge it? As has been noted, one goes bankrupt slowly, then all of a sudden. It’s the sudden part that’s hard to predict. My main prediction in that regard was California before Illinois.

But yeah, put me down for California’s state finances to de facto collapse within 4 years or massive changes in state spending, although the former is at this point far more likely.

1 A state that had to issue IOU’s can reasonably be considered to have gone bankrupt.

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