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President Obama’s first election was a major boost for the firearm industry. His second one has kept on giving to that and now has boosted the emergency / survival goods industry. Of course, that’s not all a reaction to the general declinism resulting from the Obama Administration but the heck of a job FEMA has no doubt contributed. I think it quite a reasonable question to ask if abolishing FEMA and telling people “you’re going to be on your own” might well save more lives and restore ravaged areas more quickly. Convince people to not wait and things would happen much more quickly.

But of course, due to Old Media, we can’t actually have a real national discussion on this. While busy not covering the hurricane Sandy aftermath, they would certainly have time to call any public official asking this question someone who hates poor people and wants them to drown. For Old Media, if it’s a government agency run by the Democratic Party it is a priori good and only evil, greedy losers like me point out evidence that it’s not.

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mysterian Thursday, 15 November 2012 at 22:36

in my part of the gulf coast our city has advised us that if we ignore an evacuation order we should be prepared to survive at least 10 days alone.…

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