It's all about protecting the people
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Minnesota regulators have banned Coursera in the state because it is offering classes without state accreditation. Although it appears the state regulators are backing down in the face of nationwide ridicule, I can’t resist citing this bit

The thing is, no one is wasting their money on Coursera courses, because they’re free. (Yes, says Roedler1, but they could still be wasting their time.)

Oh nooooooooes! Wasting time on the internet! The horrors from which the regulatory state protects us. I checked with Boy One and he told me that yes, not only he but most of his friends (due to the regulatory laxity here) had in fact gone out on the Internet and wasted time. What am I to think when that sort of thing is going on in my own house, except that I need to turn over my parental responsibilities to the state?

P.S. She Who Is Perfect In All Ways passed this on to fellow professors at her University and they liked it, noting “our state government is stupid, but it’s not this stupid”.

P.P.S. I thought Coursera’s response, to blow off the regulators and put a disclaimer on the website that people in Minnesota are not permitted to learn from their website, was pitch perfect.

1 George Roedler, manager of institutional registration and licensing at the Minnesota Office of Higher education

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Bret Saturday, 20 October 2012 at 11:09

I am absolutely NOT wasting time by making this comment on the Internet!

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