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As a long time veteran of the political scene in Chicago, President Obama has naturally absorbed the philosophy that animates it which is to use the power of the state to attack your personal and political enemies. In that view laws exist primarily to keep the peasants in their place and hobble enemies, they certainly don’t apply to one’s self. Obama and his Administration demonstrate this repeatedly and openly. I suspect many (most?) of his supporters agree with him because they are Good Men and so don’t need to obey laws to do good.

  1. Attacking via the IRS
  2. Attacking with the Department of Justice
  3. Open law breaking by Cabinet Secretary, no consequences.
  4. Asking government contractors to violate the law and then promising to pay the fines with taxpayer dollars.
  5. The GM bailout and bankruptcy law
  6. Selling out your polity to external for electoral help.

I plan to add to the list as I encounter them. These are just the ones I ran into the last few weeks.

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Annoying Old Guy Thursday, 11 October 2012 at 08:20

Let’s add voter fraud to that list. I don’t think this is an organized thing but rather a strong indicator of the blithe disregard for law as long as it helps one’s political patron. That is, Chicago style politics.

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