27 October 2012

Imitiation is the best form of saying "you're right"



We are told how extremist the GOP agenda is and how corresponding mainstream and popular the MAList policeis are, yet as illustrated here when a MAList is running for office or in electoral trouble, they shift to GOP policies (e.g., Clinton).

21 October 2012

Gunner Queen

How can you not like a Queen who does this? [source]


At what point does this sort of thing stop being amusing little oversights and turn in to a real expression of political views in Europe?

Poster hanging in the EU Commission offices

20 October 2012

It's all about protecting the people

Minnesota regulators have banned Coursera in the state because it is offering classes without state accreditation. Although it appears the state regulators are backing down in the face of nationwide ridicule, I can’t resist citing this bit

The thing is, no one is wasting their money on Coursera courses, because they’re free. (Yes, says Roedler1, but they could still be wasting their time.)

Oh nooooooooes! Wasting time on the internet! The horrors from which the regulatory state protects us. I checked with Boy One and he told me that yes, not only he but most of his friends (due to the regulatory laxity here) had in fact gone out on the Internet and wasted time. What am I to think when that sort of thing is going on in my own house, except that I need to turn over my parental responsibilities to the state?

P.S. She Who Is Perfect In All Ways passed this on to fellow professors at her University and they liked it, noting “our state government is stupid, but it’s not this stupid”.

P.P.S. I thought Coursera’s response, to blow off the regulators and put a disclaimer on the website that people in Minnesota are not permitted to learn from their website, was pitch perfect.

1 George Roedler, manager of institutional registration and licensing at the Minnesota Office of Higher education

19 October 2012

Stealing my line!

President Obama has described the assassination of Ambassador Stevens and three other Americans as not optimal. That’s a phrase I’m infamous for in my real life circles, because of the time a friend and I went out to drive somewhere and discovered a couple of windows in my car had been broken out. I looked at it a bit and in a fit of passion blurted out “that is sub-optimal”. For my friends associates people who are willing to speak to me it’s a canonical AOG story.

Not seeing women as people

It apparently comes as a news worthy shocker that many women don’t vote based on ladyparts but for their economic interests. Imagine that, women who are not walking reproductive parts but actual people with concerns that go beyond sexual activity. Since the Democratic Party view has long been “you can do whatever you like to women as long as you provide them contraceptives” I am sure this is in fact a shocking discovery. For those of us who have realized women are people too, not so much.

P.S. Someone else weighs in.

18 October 2012

Same policies, same results - how strange!

Back in the 1930s a down turn was converted in a Great Depression which took almost a decade to ease. Now we have another downturn, another President trying the same policies, and gosh darn it, of all the luck, we’re getting the same results of a never recovering economy. Who could have foreseen that?

P.S. A more in depth view of the same subject.

Their policies are clearly popular —

&dmash; because they don’t dare state them out loud.

16 October 2012

Taking lessons from one of our own?

DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz disputes that “completely wrong statements” are “false”.

Picking from the wrong category

After the details about VP debate moderator Martha Raddatz and her biased performance1 we now have a moderator for a Presidential debate who is so unself aware and egotistical that both campaigns have complained about her even before the debate. It seems to me that we’ve reached the point of near absurdity by picking “moderators” from a class of people (Old Media elite) who simply are not suitable. Why are these people even considered, much less selected? Surely we can do a lot better than that.

1 Although I think that bias and wedding attendance are not causally connected but simply difference facets of the deeply intertwined nature of the Democratic Party and the Old Media elite.

Putting their energy policy where the sun doesn't shine

The success of political driven technology development

[German Federal Minister of Economics and Technology] Philipp Rösler said Germany is faced with a repeat of the power shortages experienced last year that threatened to plunge parts of the country into darkness.

Oh, how the non-profit driven and clear sighted guidance of political officials puts the private sector to shame! And I am sure that in the end this will be the fault of the private sector as it always is when government policy collides with reality.

Who applies the labels?

As part of a trend the state of Florida is now setting race based educational goals. Beyond the obvious soft bigotry of low expectations, I am always left wondering how these racial labels are assigned. Should the state government, just to keep things clear and accountable, issue racial identity cards to the kids, if that’s part of the criteria on which the public schools are to be judged?

11 October 2012

Absolute moral authority

Mother of fallen SEAL Team 6 member blames WH leaks for her son’s death” — anyone think she’ll get Cindy Sheehan’s absolute moral authority? Hopefully she at least won’t be as shamefully and abusively treated by Old Media.

09 October 2012

When you're beyond satire it's hard to figure things out

Sub-headline from a Foreign Policy article

The Israelis and the Americans are zeroing in on a strike option that has a real chance of deterring the mullahs — and defusing Mitt Romney’s attacks.

Is this a cynical appraisal of the Obama Administration? Unashamed boosterism of Obama? Parochial political obsession that sees everything in terms of Presidential politics? An idiot staffer writing headlines? I can’t decide.

08 October 2012

Chicago Politics

As a long time veteran of the political scene in Chicago, President Obama has naturally absorbed the philosophy that animates it which is to use the power of the state to attack your personal and political enemies. In that view laws exist primarily to keep the peasants in their place and hobble enemies, they certainly don’t apply to one’s self. Obama and his Administration demonstrate this repeatedly and openly. I suspect many (most?) of his supporters agree with him because they are Good Men and so don’t need to obey laws to do good.

  1. Attacking via the IRS
  2. Attacking with the Department of Justice
  3. Open law breaking by Cabinet Secretary, no consequences.
  4. Asking government contractors to violate the law and then promising to pay the fines with taxpayer dollars.
  5. The GM bailout and bankruptcy law
  6. Selling out your polity to external for electoral help.

I plan to add to the list as I encounter them. These are just the ones I ran into the last few weeks.

03 October 2012

Flavors of violence

A strange line from the White House following Sunday’s Sikh temple slayings in Wisconsin:

Obama told reporters in the Oval Office that Americans would ‘‘recoil’’ at the violence if the victims’ ethnicity turns out to be have been a factor in the shootings.

What a very odd thing to say.

Tim Blair

I am trying to think of an explanation other than Obama is obsessed with race but can’t think of one.


We all know that President Obama will be declared the decisive winner of tonight’s Presidential debates and what is actually said during the debates is irrelevant. Obama will be able to simply make things up and never get called on them (perhaps a few fast reaction squads will have to editbe dispatched to edit Wikipedia but what is history compared to The One?).

What I find a bit interesting is the movement in the polling data in conjunction with this. The polling that has shown Obama leading has been using very tilted turn out models (much more favorable to the Democratic Party than even 2008) so try and stop the campaign before Obama gets hurt but the trend line in the last week or so has been an ebb. I think that it’s simply preparation for the debate and we’ll see a surge in Obama’s numbers immediately after so as to confirm the Obama “win”.

To make this even more impressive the various Obama campaign workers are trying to pre-spin expectations. That’s a bit odd for someone who is such a superior orator with an amazing intellect. Yet the usual suspects are spin spin spinning. One might wonder how this could be coordinated, though — it’s not like there are special mailing lists for doing that.