Paying the piper
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Hot Air is finally catching up with me and getting the point about

the Democrats’ odd take on the “ownership society” and their refusal to talk about its costs

It’s unusual for a Tranzi to come right and and say that but it’s a logical implication or underpinning for much of their policy arguments.

The first rule of Government Club is that no one talks about the costs of Government Club — not in terms of dollars, and especially not in terms of liberty.

The costs are not just monetary

You can understand why Democrats don’t talk about the poor. With record-high poverty and an astronomical 46.7 million Americans on food stamps, the concern-for-the-little-guy party has nothing to say and no sympathy to express for these people.


It is not, of course, that Democrats want to increase the number of chronically underemployed and unemployed people who need food assistance.

I honestly wonder about that quite a bit. As Instapundit frequently quotes “they want to turn us in to beggars because they’re easier to please”. For some its the ability to control but for many (particularly the rank and file) the success of the poor is psychologically threatening because if the poor are not longer poor they don’t need the MALists help.

Let’s link to this post by a leftist website in the UK with a nice graph of income gains. As happens the data actually works against their policies as we can see the clear inflection point of the gains for the lowest 20% hit a wall right around 1967. Some one who cared about the poor might ask what policies were taking hold at that time …

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