At least he didn't say "Chicago" or "golf"
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An excellent Clarice’s Pieces yesterday which is worth reading. In my view the best quote from it is

41 voting members of the House of Representatives are black.

39 of them are Democrats. (Those numbers would be 42 and 40 save for the death of a Rep in March.)

Given that Democrats famously spurn color blindness to embrace affirmative action, how many of those 39 do you suppose come from majority-white districts?

Did you guess four?

Meanwhile, there are two black Republicans in the House. They were elected from districts that are 82% and 75% white, whiter than any district that sent a black Democrat to the 112th Congress. Apparently an overwhelmingly white electorate is no bar to a black candidate - so long as the overwhelmingly white electorate is also majority Republican.

I’m sure that observation is racist, somehow.

P.S. Links for the inside jokes in the tile - Chicago and golf.

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