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Wow, that one link took me back, and suddenly threw the much altered global landscape into poignant, painful, high relief. In what now seems like the Age of Bush, here’s what we were following from one minute to the next, while U.S. troops battled fiercely in Iraq and Afghanistan (and Ghaddafi surrendered his arsenal):

2003 Rose Revolution in Georgia 2004 Orange Revolution in Ukraine 2005 Cedar Revolution in Lebanon 2007 Saffron Revolution in Burma

Today, we see an abandoned Iraq, swaying in the Middle Eastern wind, and Afghanistan spiraling backward, where US warriors, compromised by their own CiC, are being shot by Afghani recidivists in their midst. We bore “witness” to the crushing of a Persian revolution, and now a Syrian regime threatening its people with chemical weapons (courtesy of Saddam perhaps), and an Arab spring turning into a new Islamist winter. The US sits on the sidelines as Israel faces the prospect of nuclear annihilation, from resurgent hegemons in Iran. The Russian bear emerges from hibernation. The Chinese challenge Japan in the South China Sea. We spurn Canadian oil, shut down our own production, and subsidize Brazil, as American influence in the Americas inches toward collapse.

JM Hanes

Fundamentally transforming is clearly the operative term here. It’s hard to tell if it’s planning or incompetence (or both).

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erp Friday, 24 August 2012 at 17:03

Beg to demur. It’s easy to know. First collapse then complete takeover by the socialist elites. They’re so close, they can taste it.

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