It's only wrong when you do it
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PROF. JACOBSON NOTES THAT lefties are already accusing his new website, College Insurrection, of getting secret funding. He comments: “If only it were true.”

After observing all the astroturf — remember the Coffee Party? — and following up on how the lefty money works in more detail, I’ve come to believe that they hold such suspicions because “secret funding” for apparent grassroots organizations is the norm in their circles.


The obviously interesting thing about this, as noted in the quote, is how the MAL engages in projection because they are so parochial they cannot imagine others who are not like them. But I find even more interesting is the implicit double standard. The MALists presume their opponents must get secret funding because they do and yet the MALists still consider it a smear to accuse their opponents of doing what the MALists themselves do. I am sure there are some for whom this is a cynical ploy but for most I am ever more convinced it is because they lack the cognitive software to perform introspection.

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erp Tuesday, 28 August 2012 at 08:33

Lefty projection confirms what we already know to be true.

I just read an interesting quote (can’t remember where) that the reason all liberals and Chris Matthews in particular can’t see liberal bias is the same reason fish can’t see water. It’s all around them and all they’ve ever known.

I also just read that when a friend asked Neil Armstrong if he brought back a little piece of moon rock for himself, he answered no. It doesn’t belong to me, it belongs to the American people.

Neil Armstrong may have been the epitome of the modest American hero and we can only go downhill now.

Annoying Old Guy Tuesday, 28 August 2012 at 09:10

That’s what I meant by “parochial”. Not only enclosed in a local culture but seemingly unaware of that fact.

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