31 August 2012

The Next Generation

The biggest thing I took away from the Republican National Convention is the depth of the bench on the conservative side. The GOP was able to showcase rising start after rising star, most of them relatively new to the national scene. Meanwhile the big hope of the Democratic Party for the future is … Elizabeth Warren? Wow.

P.S. Is this a variant of the demographic problem with an ideology that has run out of ideas and has only slogans left?

Tales from Narrative World

In order to maintain the standard Narrative among TranZis and Old Media is that conservatives and the Republican Party are hopelessly racist MSNBC cut away from the Republican National Convention whenever a minority speaker was on stage. Even NBC delayed posting Governor Martinez’ speech. That’s why President Obama wants his supporters to hit the mute button to avoid hearing contrary facts.

Actual sentient entities might start to wonder how accurate their Narrative is if it is necessary to suppress facts to support it but if a person could introspect like that, would they be part of the MAL?

Ideology over history

The State of Illinois has been in severe financial trouble for years. Naturally the chorus was “you must raise taxes!” and so that was done. The result was a bigger deficit and downgrading of state bonds. Yet will a single person who claimed that raising taxes was the only valid approach, or even that it was necessary, have second thoughts? Unlikely because raising taxes isn’t about revenue, it’s about leveling.

29 August 2012

Solar debris

A solar eruption. What I like in this one is the debris falling back in to the Sun, chunks of stuff make flashes larger than the Earth.

Servant vs. master

The [Minnesota] legislature provided a specific title for the ballot measure, “Recognition of Marriage Solely Between One Man and One Woman,” and oddly expected Secretary of State Mark Ritchie to use that title. Instead, Ritchie changed the title to the deceptive “Limiting the Status of Marriage to Opposite Sex Couples.” He did the same to the voter-ID constitutional referendum that will also appear on the ballot.


There are no rules or limits when you’re a Tranzi on a mission to make people do the Right Thing. Fortunately we have not totally lost any semblance of a government by and for the citizens as the Minnesota Supreme Court told Ritchie in very clear terms “don’t do that”.


You know how we’ll know when things are really changing? When people aren’t afraid to have their names published in support of mainstream Republican causes


Yes, it’s simply unpleasant and nasty to make it known that you are not a tranzi among tranzis. They’re thugs not because they’re thuggish per se but because their lack of ability to introspect means that have no limiters on their behavior. It doesn’t bother me much, I’ve been called quite nasty things on a regular basis my entire life but for that sort there’s no point in discussing since it’s not about objective reality.

27 August 2012

It's only wrong when you do it

PROF. JACOBSON NOTES THAT lefties are already accusing his new website, College Insurrection, of getting secret funding. He comments: “If only it were true.”

After observing all the astroturf — remember the Coffee Party? — and following up on how the lefty money works in more detail, I’ve come to believe that they hold such suspicions because “secret funding” for apparent grassroots organizations is the norm in their circles.


The obviously interesting thing about this, as noted in the quote, is how the MAL engages in projection because they are so parochial they cannot imagine others who are not like them. But I find even more interesting is the implicit double standard. The MALists presume their opponents must get secret funding because they do and yet the MALists still consider it a smear to accuse their opponents of doing what the MALists themselves do. I am sure there are some for whom this is a cynical ploy but for most I am ever more convinced it is because they lack the cognitive software to perform introspection.

Cult of Personality

At what point can we declare one for President Obama?

Everything is about Obama for the Obama Administration. He makes Hollywood egos look pedestrian.

25 August 2012

Full circle

People with postgrad education and people who attended only grade school have the same partisan split. I’m not actually surprised.

Kevin D. Williamson

24 August 2012

Smart Diplomacy

Wow, that one link took me back, and suddenly threw the much altered global landscape into poignant, painful, high relief. In what now seems like the Age of Bush, here’s what we were following from one minute to the next, while U.S. troops battled fiercely in Iraq and Afghanistan (and Ghaddafi surrendered his arsenal):

2003 Rose Revolution in Georgia 2004 Orange Revolution in Ukraine 2005 Cedar Revolution in Lebanon 2007 Saffron Revolution in Burma

Today, we see an abandoned Iraq, swaying in the Middle Eastern wind, and Afghanistan spiraling backward, where US warriors, compromised by their own CiC, are being shot by Afghani recidivists in their midst. We bore “witness” to the crushing of a Persian revolution, and now a Syrian regime threatening its people with chemical weapons (courtesy of Saddam perhaps), and an Arab spring turning into a new Islamist winter. The US sits on the sidelines as Israel faces the prospect of nuclear annihilation, from resurgent hegemons in Iran. The Russian bear emerges from hibernation. The Chinese challenge Japan in the South China Sea. We spurn Canadian oil, shut down our own production, and subsidize Brazil, as American influence in the Americas inches toward collapse.

JM Hanes

Fundamentally transforming is clearly the operative term here. It’s hard to tell if it’s planning or incompetence (or both).

22 August 2012

Losing control

California can’t afford to enforce its own laws — the end result of the regulatory and welfare state.

It is one of the many bizarre things about the Tranzi view of the world that they are oblivious to failing the most basic elements of governance in pursuit of their ideology. It’s as if they’re just paving the way for a fascist revival to “restore order”…

Punch back twice as hard

I hear that the donks are going to send slow Joe to Tampa Bay.

I think if that happens, we ought to punch back twice as hard, and send him to Charlotte.

Eric in Boise

Now that’s just mean.