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Gas prices trigger Obama scramble — given this was an explicit goal of the Obama Administration energy policy how can they be scrambling now to deal with the backlash? Did they think no one would notice, or that the American Street would just agree that high energy prices were, in fact, good for them? Maybe it’s because of the collapse of the Warmenist Front, which they had presumed would cover this.

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Annoying Old Guy Friday, 23 March 2012 at 10:48

All presidents, of course, usually get the blame or praise when the price of gas skyrockets or plummets, just like they own a bad or good economy, or a successful or failed war.

Obama, however, earns additional blame for the gas rise for reasons well beyond the normal oil bogeymen — tension in the Middle East, rapacious OPEC dictators, oil company greed and Wall Street speculation.

Why? Americans remember that his team boasted about wanting higher energy costs in 2008, when Obama was still basking in hope-and-change adulation. Energy Secretary designate Steven Chu, who doesn’t own a car, pontificated about wanting higher American gasoline prices, hoping they would somehow reach European levels.

Candidate Obama breezily warned of skyrocketing energy prices — the necessary cost of his planned cap-and-trade, anti-global-warming legislation.

Sen. Ken Salazar, who was soon to become Interior secretary, bragged that even if gas reached $10 a gallon, he would not vote to open up new federal offshore oil leases.

Victor David Hanson

It’s pathetic to hear President Obama claim that we’re producing more petroleum because of him. The key question to ask is “which policy of your has done this?”. Shutting down oil production in the Gulf of Mexico? Slowing down drilling permits? Opposing the XL pipeline? The regulations on building oil refineries? But Obama and his supporters live in a world where being the right sort of person is all that matters, cause and effect are for those dreary little peasants.

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