Romney responds to Peggy Johnson voter
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Woman: ”So you’re all for like, ‘yay, freedom,’ and all this stuff. And ‘yay, like pursuit of happiness.’ You know what would make me happy? Free birth control.”

Romney:”You know, let me tell you, no no, look, look let me tell you something. If you’re looking for free stuff you don’t have to pay for, vote for the other guy. That’s what he’s all about, okay? That’s not, that’s not what I’m about.”

Via Hot Air an actual conservative response from Romney! That’s really the key difference for our current parties, the party of personal liberty, and the party of looting.

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Bret Thursday, 22 March 2012 at 20:05

Hmmm. I thought there was the party of looting and the party of really, really looting. Thanks for setting me straight.

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