Just make it permanent
Posted by aogSunday, 11 March 2012 at 12:30 TrackBack Ping URL

Given how our usual schedule is arranged around the noon hour, it is daylight savings time that makes sense, so we should just switch to that permanently and stop the flipping.

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Bret Sunday, 11 March 2012 at 14:56

The switching back and forth is insanity, in my opinion. When I was working in the futures trading world, I’d spend about 3 man-days every spring and fall dealing with all the glitches in the data streams due to the time dislocation. What made it even worse was that every country did it differently and they changed the dates from year-to-year.

Hey Skipper Monday, 12 March 2012 at 22:36

This is supposedly an entertaining and informative video about time zones.

Unfortunately, since I am behind the Great Firewall of China, there are all kinds of things that I can’t get to: anything on YouTube and blogspot for a couple instances, so I’m taking someone else’s word for it.

BTW, this is the sort of set up that is the progressives’ collective wet dream, because it means the intellectual elite can prevent the rest of us from getting confused by notions that are wrong because progressives don’t hold them.

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