Fiskal Trust
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Apparently Robert Fisk has been making stuff up for years and passing it off as journalism. Moreover, this was apparently well known among journalists. Yet despite that, Fisk was a renowned, award winning writer. I don’t think it’s unfair to judge a profession by the sort of people they openly laud as their best.

P.S. Here we have Nina Totenberg from NPR validating exactly what I think about Old Media —

TOTENBERG: The elite media will then glom onto this person, and everything he has ever done that might be slightly untoward or controversial will come out. [Italics mine, emphasis hers.] And he will never have had this kind of glare on him, and he will make gaffes. You’ve seen this all through the primary campaign. Everybody’s made gaffes. You have to get used to that. You have to grow into the job of being a national candidate. There’s no time to do that.

Exactly the game plane for Quayle and Palin. Not so much for Barack Obama. But that’s not bias.

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