Down to the last hole card
Posted by aogTuesday, 13 March 2012 at 14:44 TrackBack Ping URL

What I’m preparing for is the flood of Black leaders lining up in October to lecture America that Obama’s upcoming defeat will be completely due to racist America.


Yes indeed, we can expect a veritable flood of propaganda there. How soon? Well the battlespace is already being prepared with little dog whistles — “Is there an innocent explanation for two new surveys that show his approval rating falling to ominously low levels?”. Because if there is no “innocent” explanation, we know what explanation will be presumed.

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erp Tuesday, 13 March 2012 at 15:52

Exactly why they had to eliminate Cain right up front. With him in the race, the race card would have been trumped (double pun intended).

AVeryRoughRoadAhead - Winter is coming... Thursday, 15 March 2012 at 11:34

Who would be swayed by a “racist America” argument that wouldn’t ALREADY be supporting Obama?

Annoying Old Guy Thursday, 15 March 2012 at 15:27

Lots of people, actually. I personally know not a small number of people who take Old Media pronouncements as the highest reliability data. The Obama campaign will put out an advert accusing the GOP of being racist and then Old Media will play it up and validate it and significant chunk of the middle will be shifted.

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