09 December 2011

It's OK, it's for the children

Who should just die already according to the Australian Broadcasting Company because they are making Gaia cry. At what point can we finally admit that the Green simply hate people?

01 December 2011

That's not for you to know

Judicial Watch reports:

The Obama Administration has abruptly sealed court records containing alarming details of how Mexican drug smugglers murdered a U.S. Border patrol agent with a gun connected to a failed federal experiment that allowed firearms to be smuggled into Mexico.

That this isn’t a front page scandal every day, Iran-Contra or anything done by President Bush is one more blatant example of Old Media bias. I become more convinced as time goes on that this was actually about President Obama’s effort on gun control under the radar. Unless he and his Administration are even dumber than I think they are (possible, I suppose).


When you can't protest the real stuff, you do what you can

The Tea Party (I’m not a member) was an actual angry reaction to Leftism gotten out of hand. OWS, on the other hand, was/is seen as just the Left doing what it normally does with all the coherence that it normally has. OWS, even though it was fawned upon by too-many left-leaners, just appears to be a bored Left letting off steam because unless there’s a Republican president, it’s not kewl to have anti-war, anti-capitalist, etc., cop-fighting demonstrations. Trying to attach thoughtful motives to fairly typical acting-out is probably a waste of time.


Ann Althouse wonders

The Occupy movement seems to have dropped out of the news lately. Why did that happen?

I agree that it’s basically for the same reason Cindy Sheehan was disappeared once former President Bush was out of office. Which ties in with the first quote.