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While the State of Illinois is drowning in debt and “being a deadbeat to NGOs”:, it nevertheless is willing to gift million dollar pensions to union officials. While the poor have their services cut due to the state simply not paying its bills, the legislature is doing what it can do make sure rich union officials get richer. Yet I am expected to trust these same people to regulate private businesses.

Perhaps that could explain how the Democratic Party is “becoming a niche party” in Louisiana. …

Nah. It must be those racist, religious bigot Tea Party cells with their Bircher Constitution study guides.

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erp Monday, 24 October 2011 at 09:55

aog, finally!! I think you got it. s/o

Annoying Old Guy Monday, 24 October 2011 at 13:32

Another view on how this is same thing is sending Rhode Island in to a death spiral.

What bothers me the most in all this is the blatant chicanery, lies, and hypocrisy involved. The people who did this knew the numbers were bogus. It is a level of corruption and malfeasance that makes the Enron crew look like naughty toddlers. At least Bernie Maddoff ripped off the relatively well to do. These proglodytes are ripping off the poorest as well. Yet advocates who putatively care about the poor could not care less about this sort of thing.

Here’s yet another example of something that would be a major scandal in the private sector but is just malfeasance as usual for government — hiding public data via UN cut-outs. Or gaming the unemployment statistics for political benefit. Or just not making public information public. The CLASS Scandal alone is bigger than any private sector swindle I am aware of, and it was a swindle from day one and everyone involved knew it. In all seriousness, why aren’t these people getting tossed in jail?

This also the reason I do not get so worked up over corporate corruption. If this is the standard, if this is what the good people who lead us do, how can you get upset at the petty schemes of the private sector? It’s like complaining about foreign aid in terms of a balanced budget.

billswift Tuesday, 22 November 2011 at 12:27

Both parties are becoming increasingly niche. Which is why electioneering is mostly competition as to who can buy the most non-niche voters.

Democrats are the anti-work party: professional welfare recipients - the poor, the academics, and the would-be academics (the commentariate), and the unions.

Republicans are increasingly the religious whack-jobs.

Annoying Old Guy Tuesday, 22 November 2011 at 13:51

I must say that as an atheist, I don’t see the “increasingly religious” at all for the GOP. And as for whack jobs, a party that thinks the path out of our overspending and regulation is … more spending and regulation is not really what I would term sensible or even sane.

That said, most of the GOP leadership looks good only by comparison to the outright delusional leaders of the other major party. I have a lot of sympathy for point of view that it’s not left / right or GOP / Democratic Party any more, but the New Class vs. the peons. That’s why I am a Tea Partier far more than a GOP member.

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