26 October 2011

Knowing on which side your bread is buttered

That conservative greed that drives the GOP has struck again!.

Oh, wait, that article is about how the accused donated very heavily to the Democratic Party and its leading lights. But clearly, the take away is that it is the GOP that is the party of the Wall Street fat cat thieves.

Walter Russel Mead weighs in as well. My (serious) take away here is that this is a prime example of why the government should restrict itself to regulation and not be involved in any way with actual investments and economic intervention. If it is, then this corruption simply migrates to the Aristocracy of Pull, where those with friends in government are excused because that sort of thing is apparently unexceptional in the public sphere..

P.S. You write a post and more related stuff just shows up in your RSS feeds. I think it should not be forgotten that this kind of thing about government corruption and failure is a never ending stream — I don’t have to dig in to history to have examples, I just have to read my news feeds for a few hours. Over and over and those who rail about private sector excesses just don’t seem to care.

Anyway, while corporations are being hit with ever more pointless yet draconian financial reporting requirements, the equivalent for unions are being relaxed. Mean while President Obama is buying the youth vote with hundreds of billions of taxpayer money without any Congressional input. I of course expect no one who complained so vociferously about President Bush’s inflated opinion of the powers of the Executive Branch to breath one word of disapproval. It’s about the tribes, not the actions for them.

24 October 2011

If you know why this is funny, you should be ashamed of yourself

Jonah Goldberg writes about something I covered long ago but I laughed out loud at a comment. At one point Goldberg writes about the “Mars need women!” style of alien invasion

why would super-intelligent squids want to get jiggy with our bipedal and mammalian lady folk?

“Ask the Japanese” responded one commenter.

Hahaha. If you don’t get it, you’re probably happier not knowing.

Look for the union label

While the State of Illinois is drowning in debt and “being a deadbeat to NGOs”:, it nevertheless is willing to gift million dollar pensions to union officials. While the poor have their services cut due to the state simply not paying its bills, the legislature is doing what it can do make sure rich union officials get richer. Yet I am expected to trust these same people to regulate private businesses.

Perhaps that could explain how the Democratic Party is “becoming a niche party” in Louisiana. …

Nah. It must be those racist, religious bigot Tea Party cells with their Bircher Constitution study guides.

21 October 2011

Ask the expert

Lawrence O’Donnell lectures Herman Cain on how to be black in the segregated South — that’s what you get in Old Media for being “Black while Conservative”.

17 October 2011

When the fringe isn't on the fringe

The Tea Parties are basically normally people, to which some fringe elements have attempted to attach themselves. OWS, in contrast, seems to consist primarily of the fringe. Can anyone point at me at the non-fringe speakers / representatives / leaders of OWS? Paid partisans don’t count. And let’s not forget the increasing amount of calls for violence from OWS (and the resulting encouragement of the whackos). Old Media is doing what it can to cover for OWS but even they can’t seem to quite manage it due the heavy fringe component.

Given the funding sources for these protests, one wonders why those concerned about fascism aren’t concerned about unions and political parties creating cadres of paid agitators who cause trouble in the streets and call for violence.

P.S. An excellent article on young people who are really making a difference.

P.P.S. Evidence emerges that Old Media isn’t just slanting its reporting on behalf of OWS, but actually working directly with the movement while pretending to “report” on it.

Then there’s the OWS incipient violence as according to a respected pollster, 31% would support violence to advance their agenda. How can you look at them as other than street agitators?

Of course, as others have noted these “protestors” are having problems with people taking their rhetoric of the evils of capitalism and consumerism a bit too seriously. After all, it is other people’s stuff that should be free, not theirs. It’s also hard to take them seriously when some of the items stolen are $5500 laptops, iPods, etc. At least their tarpaper shacks should keep the rain off their consumer electronics.

15 October 2011

FBI confirms that the Ba'athist regime in Iraq had weapons of mass destruction

According to a recent indictment

Two individuals have been charged in New York for their alleged participation in a plot directed by elements of the Iranian government to murder the Saudi Ambassador to the United States with explosives while the Ambassador was in the United States.


Both defendants are charged with […] conspiracy to use a weapon of mass destruction (explosives) […]

There you have it. The FBI considers any explosive to be a weapon of mass destruction, and there’s very little doubt that the Ba’athist regime in Iraq used explosives. Can we now simply laugh at all those claims that there were no WMDs in Iraq?

14 October 2011

What's important is that I got good press for it

Senator Dick Durbin, who I vote against every chance I get, has managed to once again create legislation that hurts the poor while championing their cause. At what point do you get to presume that this kind of a result is the goal, not an unintended consequence?

Let's watch out for those Tea Party fascists

Congressman Jesse Jackson Jr. calls for suspension of the Constitution “because congressional opposition to the American Jobs Act is akin to the Confederate ‘states in rebellion.’”

06 October 2011

Wall Street Renters

What does OWS [Occupy Wall Street] want? A single term provides the answer: rent. These people are, every last one of them, rent-seekers. They seek nothing other than to be provided with the fruits of other people’s labor, innovation, entrepreneurship and risk-taking.

They do not seek greater liberty to innovate or take risks, nor do they want greater freedom to succeed in enterprise. They do appear to want jobs (some of them), but they seem to believe that jobs are existing, free-floating things that someone can and should be required to give them.

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