Let's stamp out dishonest journalism!
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The stories just stack up so fast …

Let’s start with this from the New York Times regarding their reporting about hydraulic fracturing. Even if we skip over the disreputability of that kind of reliance on anonymous sources, check the list of made up titles used by the NYT in the article. I don’t see how that can be described as other than outright lies. We might further note that the purpose of this dishonesty was to influence government policy. I eagerly await the outrage from those journalists who still value their reputation.

Now let us skip across the globe to Australia and a hit piece on Tim Blair which is notable for the blatant and completely fabrications on which it is based. I also note the reflexive “Fox! Murdoch!” accusation which seems to be a replacement for the fading power of “racist!”.

Finally we can look at something with real meat, the entire Global Warmening hoax and its supporters in Old Media. I note that new satellite data puts a big damper on the idea. There’s the CERN data on csmic rays and cloud formation which is being inhibited. We can recall the “anti-science” diatribes against President Bush — perhaps we can hear something similar about this?

But the essential point is all of the “the science is settled!” reporting, when it wasn’t. The mocking abuse of any critic or skeptic (such as the “climate denialist” label). All of it intended to influence, if not control, public policy and the economics of the entire planet. Is this still not big enough to demand the termination of those news organizations that participated?

P.S. There’s the aiding and abetting of the gunwalker coverup as well. Let’s not leave that behind.

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Annoying Old Guy Thursday, 04 August 2011 at 19:55

Yet another one from the New York Times. Why does anyone think this paper is better than Pravda?

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