18 March 2011

Sunshine go away today

This just about sums up the Obama Administration —

President Obama was due to accept an award from a coalition of good government groups recognizing “his deep commitment to an open and transparent government” in conjunction with Sunshine Week, the UPI reports.

However, reporters were told the event was postponed “due to changes to the President’s schedule.” No other reason was given.

That a group of Old Media stalwarts wants to give this award to the Obama Administration is archetypical of the sycophancy that has support President Obama for most of his political career. That the Obama Administration then kicks them in the face without any repercussions is just as typical. Brave, brave journalists, willing to endure such abuse in order to keep up on the hagiographic struggle!

14 March 2011

If only Obama had been in charge

White House moving to repair troubled relationship with Cabinet

I guess that’s what happens when someone else picks your staff. If only President Obama had been able to select people with whom he could work or talk.

And poor guy, not even High Schools want to listen to him any more.

It seems to be going around the Democratic Party leadership, this lack of communication.

13 March 2011

Rules for thee but not for me

Instapundit writes about the union’s war on democracy in Wisconsin —

As I said before, they’re setting precedents here, but they’re as myopic politically as they are fiscally.

I must disagree. I don’t think it’s myopia, I think it’s the (not unjustified by history) presumption that rules, laws, and principles are only binding on the little people, not on the enlightened elite.

Suggesting songs for the Titanic band

Kausfile writes

You could argue that [California Governor Jerry] Brown was elected, in part, precisely because he seemed willing to cross his public employee union supporters. But instead of going to China, he’s waiting for the light bulb to want to change! Or at least to accept the need for change.

No, Brown was elected precisely because the voters of California prefer going off a cliff to questioning their tranzi attitudes. One need only look at the referendums that have passed and not over the last decade. Little to no sign of any sense of fiscal reality there.

Not a surprise

I am a bit late to the “NPR - Hate America First Network” issue, but I can’t let it just slide. The key things to me are

  1. The GOP leadership is surprised by this zeitgeist at NPR? How can anyone with a clue who is paying attention be surprised? Oh, right. Question answered.
  2. How easy it was for O’Keefe to get this on tape from two top level NPR executives, including the NPR Director of Institutional Giving saying NPR could help hide the donors from government scrutiny.(NPR’s chutzpah at saying “she didn’t understand our policy” is breathtaking)

It doesn’t bother me — it’s how they are, it’s what they do. I am just pleased it’s become a bit more difficult to deny and amused at the stunning demonstration of what a epistemically closed bubble in which the elite of Old Media live.

02 March 2011

Big Money Politics

This is from The Corner and shows how the conservatives buy election results —

Here are the ten largest donors in U.S. politics as of February 7, according to OpenSecrets.Org:
  • ActBlue: $51 million
  • AT&T: $46 million
  • AFSCME: $43 million
  • National Association of Realtors: $38 million
  • Goldman Sachs: $33 million
  • American Association for Justice: $33 million
  • International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers: $33 million
  • National Education Association: $32 million
  • Laborers Union: $30 million
  • Teamsters Union: $30 million

That’s five unions to two businesses and three other groups. Five out of ten is half, by my always-suspect English-major math. And who are those other groups? ActBlue is a Democratic clearinghouse, the trial lawyers are super-lopsidedly Democratic, and four out of five of the Realtors’ top campaign-cash recipients are Democrats.

Put another way, the list reads:

  • Democratic/Union Goon proxy: $51 million
  • Death Star, Inc.: $46 million
  • Union Goons (public sector): $43 million
  • The Committee to Re-Inflate the Bubble by Electing Democrats: $38 million
  • The Bankers Who Elected Barack Obama: $33 million
  • Democratic trial lawyers: $33 million
  • Union Goons: $33 million
  • Union Goons (public sector): $32 million
  • Union Goons: $30 million
  • Union Goons: $30 million
An important difference not reflected by the gross numbers: The union goons, especially in the public sector, are near-monolithic in their political interests. (See if you can spot the red on AFSCME’s party-split chart. Or play Spot the Republican on its list.) The business lobby is not: FedEx and UPS both do a lot of lobbying, but it is in the course of each trying to hose the other. The public-sector unions are a uniquely problematic special-interest group.

Woops! Turns out it’s the MAL who has to spend money like water to get votes. Not a surprise to me.


Ah, the joys of the regulatory state and global warmening. The European Union has been trying to set up carbon emission credit trading scheme, except they have demonstrated their typical incompetence. One of the issues is that people managed to steal massive amounts of the credits. A normal person would think “how can that happen — don’t the regulators know who owns the credits?”. Why not just round up thieves and re-assign the credits? Surely there are records of all the transactions.

Instead of doing that, the EU is refusing to tell the victims who the thieves are. One is left to wonder if the EU is protecting the thieves or simply trying to conceal that their system is so broken that they don’t actually know.

But certainly that shouldn’t slow the USA down from implementing its own version. And even more certainly we shouldn’t let this cause us to wonder how well other regulatory schemes are being implemented and whether that implementation is actually better than doing nothing.

Perhaps, though I should mention the $535M Solyndra boondoggle where global warmenists in the Obama Administration once again achieve an epic fail on economic intervention. Meannwhile, a Soros “green energy” hires a top Obama Administration energy official which I am sure is completely above board. Party of the people, and it’s not like there’s massive federally funded boondoggles in that area or an increasing amount of improper federal payouts. Solyndra was just an accident, could happen to anyone.

01 March 2011

At least he's open

I saw this article about “Why Liberals Love Trains” and I couldn’t help thinking of OJ and how that was one way he wasn’t like a normal MAList. He was quite open that it was the social engineering aspects of mass transit that he liked, that the other putative advantages were minor or irrelevant. So OJ has that going for him.


I am still recovering from some large hardware related issues here at Thought Mesh Command. I lost my faithful secondary computer last week and we took a lightning hit Sunday night. But someday, Turing as my witness, I will rebuild my computational array. Better, faster, with even more pixels!

P.S. Check out this cute little monitor. I use it so I can have cute little gauges that make me feel like a Steam Punk.