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Posted by aogSaturday, 12 February 2011 at 21:17 TrackBack Ping URL

Apparently both Time and US Weekly fell for a Sarah Palin parody treating it as if it were an actual news story. How will we ever get by without that kind of information service?

Let’s just do an update — State-Run Media Beg Egyptian Citizens to Praise Pharaoh Obama in which a CNN reporter tries to get Egyptians to admit that President Obama was a big help and they just won’t. The reporter then wraps up the segment with “The view from here is one of very happy to now hear that President Obama has swung behind the people”. They’re not even bothered to pretend to pay attention to reality anymore.

UPDATE: Much of the MAL mock Representative Michelle Bachman, but here’s a clip where she attempts to discuss the serious issue of the federal budget and George Stephanopoulos (on ABC) turns the discussion to whether President Obama is a Christian. Anything to avoid talking about the massive failure of the Democratic Party. But no bias!

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