27 February 2011


Here is a story from the UK about a family that was renovating a house. During this process, a group of foreign squatters moved in and refused to leave. The UK government response? Provide legal aid to the squatters to prevent eviction. It’s another aspect of this post about how to create hatred for foreigners. If a reasonable person has to choose between being against immigrants or accepting that unemployed immigrants can effectively steal his house with support of the government, it doesn’t seem so outrageous to end up not liking immigration or immigrants.

25 February 2011

It's OK if your heart is pure (left)

Allegedly the Wisconson medical licensing board is looking in to the fake medical excuses handed out during the protests in Wisconsin. I predict that it will drag out until it’s mostly forgotten and everyone let off with a mild admonishment. The MAL is very good at having rules, laws, and principles not apply to them. I don’t see why this will be any different.

Bring it on

The DCCC chairman is good with bringing back House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

Bring. It. On.

P.S. Bwahahaha! Pelosi’s daughter, on Pelosi’s behalf, thought a resolution praising Pelosi wasn’t sufficiently sycophantic and had some “ friendly amendments” to get it up to the proper hagiographic level.

No cutting, therefore running

The exodus is starting as businesses in Illinois start to work on escaping from the state to avoid the coming looting. I have no doubt that the state Democratic Party is drawing up plans on how to best loot the last remaining bits of money, credit, and faith in the state government before it finally collapses. Just for a start, despite increases taxes and driving out businesses (that pay taxes), the next state budget spends more money than the previous. For all the talk of “drastic cuts”, more money will be spent by the state. That makes it clear that either our political class has no clue there’s a problem, or they are planning what I noted above. I expect to see some conversions of public pensions to private sector annuities so that when the tax base evaporates, the looters currently running things won’t be inconvenienced.

P.S. Not much different for the Government Party in Washington D.C. where fiscal discipline might end the boom there. And that’s what really matters.

P.P.S. Meanwhile, in Europe, is the start of seizing private pensions and what is the goal of the Democratic Party except to make us more like Europe? Fundamental transformation, people.

P.P.P.S. Let us note that the new state budget increases spending, despite the “necessity” of tax increases.

23 February 2011

It's the Union Party

I read, very frequently, claims that the GOP is simply a front for various moneyed interests. Yet here the Democratic Party in Wisconsin is de facto admitting they are just a front for public employee unions and apparently that’s not something worth worrying about.

22 February 2011

Incivility Watch

Once again we see the different between the insular, vicious, xenophobic conservatives and the tolerant, good hearted Modern American Left as a wounded veteran is heckled for being a veteran.

Wisconsin Dreaming

I just have a few thoughts about the situation in Wisconsin

  1. You would be hard pressed to find a better model for “two wolves and a sheep voting on dinner” than public employee unions “negotiating” with governments for wages and benefits.
  2. It is gobsmackingly funny to hear the Democratic Party go on about how Walker didn’t run on his union busting. Unlike, say, President Obama who ran on cutting taxes, reducing spending, smart diplomacy, and letting people keep their medical plans (without a medical insurance mandate).
  3. Another head ringing bit of cognitive dissonance is to hear how unions are needed to guard against abuse by greedy employers. Which in the case of public employee unions, would be … the government. Which the very same people will claim is the font of goodness that is needed to keep our society properly ordered through government’s wise and beneficent regulations.

Of course, this wouldn’t be complete without a look at the good those public employee unions do. Imagine the audacity of a local school board expecting its teachers to actually teach the children! That’s the kind of employer brutality unions can stop.

The whole effort is working out so well that the Obama Administration is now trying to distance itself from the action. What strikes me about that is that such a thing only makes sense if the Obama Administration thinks it can have history rewritten simply by asking for it. I must admit that that’s certainly been the experience of the MAL with respect to Old Media, who do better at memholing inconvenient facts even better than the Left of the mid 20th Century (e.g. American involvement in the European Theatre before and after Operation Barbarossa).

They've had plenty of practice

Someone wonders “how is the Democratic Party going to complain about the GOP shutting down Congress after backing the stunts in Wisconsin and Indiana?”. Instapundit answers “shamlessly”. Seems about right to me. After all, is not the Democratic Party (and its shills) arguing that Wisconsin Governor Walker shouldn’t be pushing his legislation because he didn’t campaign on it, after President Obama’s massive turn to nationalization after his campaign of not raising taxes, making spending cuts, and letting people keep their medical plans?

20 February 2011

Narrative over facts

More quality government -

“The facts are clear,” said Attorney General Eric Holder. “Intimate partner homicide is the leading cause of death for African-American women ages 15 to 45.”

That’s a horrifying statistic, and it would be a shocking reflection of the state of the black family, and American society generally, if it were true. But it isn’t true.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the Justice Department’s own Bureau of Justice Statistics, the leading causes of death for African-American women between the ages 15–45 are cancer, heart disease, unintentional injuries such as car accidents, and HIV disease. Homicide comes in fifth — and includes murders by strangers.

I would note that if the highest law enforcement official in the United States is willing to make such blatantly false public statements, why should we trust anything else he has to say?

19 February 2011

Is there a minimum size?

Rex Murphy thinks President Obama has been diminished by his scattered and inconsistent response to the events in Egypt. I wonder, how could Obama get any smaller?

I was never impressed by his vacuous rhetoric but I think the big difference between candidate Obama and President Obama is that a President’s words are measured against reality, not the other candidates’ campaign rhetoric. It’s not that Obama says anything different, it is entirely because it is evaluated differently. Since the MAL is fundamentally about deceit, once you mix in some reality it fails.

18 February 2011

What's the problem?

Members of the Democratic Party caucus in the House of Representatives consider “ObamaCare” a slur. I would love to hear how exactly that works, specifically what concept there is a slur on the other. My personal suggestion is to switch to “POR-Care”. Surely that puts the slur on more appropriate shoulders.

Now we see the violence inherent in the party

The big rumor going around the blogosphere is that the Wisconsin legislature was forced in to recess because their safety could not be guaranteed due to the union mobs in the building. In normal circumstances this might be considered overreacting but when a group allied with the mobs is publishing the home addresses of the legislators one can be a little more sensitive. Especially when other political allies of the union and the MAL are using that kind of information to intimidate politicians at their homes.

P.S. I have been saving a lot of links for this post, but at this point I think I need to get something posted and add the links as I get time, now that only the most blind can avoid seeing where the real violence in our political system originates.

Clue meter reading zero

The Obama Administration has asked the judge who declared POR-Care unconstitutional to issue a ruling that states must obey the unconstituational law. What mix of arrogant, stupid, or incompetent do you think this is? Personally, I go with arrogant, in that the Democratic Party has for decades demonstrated its complete disregard for law, and so doesn’t see why people shouldn’t do what they want regardless of any rulings.

17 February 2011

Flee the vote!

So the Democratic Party state legislators in Wisconsin have fled rather than vote on the public union reform measure. I think we can see how much respect for the results of democracy the Democratic Party actually has. Plus, I am sure this will be spun by Old Media as a GOP shut down of the state government.

Helping enemies, betraying friends

Apparently the Obama Adminstration was so desperate or incompetent that they sold out the UK’s nuclear program to Russia to get the treaty. You do have to wonder, though, given previous history of the Obama Administration’s relationship with the UK whether this was considered a cost or a benefit.

16 February 2011

Keeping the bathwater without the baby

The US Department of Education now official embraces the “one drop rule” at least for Hispanics. Meanwhile Halle Berry is using the same rule in a custody dispute. Is it not heartening to see how far we’ve come in these matters? I expect race cards to be issued at some point, just to avoid confusion.

12 February 2011

More quality journalism

Apparently both Time and US Weekly fell for a Sarah Palin parody treating it as if it were an actual news story. How will we ever get by without that kind of information service?

Let’s just do an update — State-Run Media Beg Egyptian Citizens to Praise Pharaoh Obama in which a CNN reporter tries to get Egyptians to admit that President Obama was a big help and they just won’t. The reporter then wraps up the segment with “The view from here is one of very happy to now hear that President Obama has swung behind the people”. They’re not even bothered to pretend to pay attention to reality anymore.

UPDATE: Much of the MAL mock Representative Michelle Bachman, but here’s a clip where she attempts to discuss the serious issue of the federal budget and George Stephanopoulos (on ABC) turns the discussion to whether President Obama is a Christian. Anything to avoid talking about the massive failure of the Democratic Party. But no bias!

10 February 2011

Smart Diplomacy

Apparently the Directory of US National Intelligence thinks the Muslim Brutherhood is “mostly secular”. Must be that “smart” diplomacy the President Obama has been putting in place.

UPDATE: An accurate and therefore brutal video on the “smart diplomacy” of the Obama Administration. Even at 10 minutes it still doesn’t hit all of the low spots.

Inconvenient facts

Look at that — the expected blood bath from the overturning of Washington DC’s gun ban have utterly failed to materialize. More guns but not more violence. How unexpected.

Meanwhile, we have the ATF is facilitating gun running to Mexico while blaming gun dealers who were told specifically by the ATF to allow the original sales.

UPDATE: Now the ATS is refusing to answer questions from Congress. That’s expected, it’s what the ATF did with regard to the classification of hobby rocket fuel as “explosive”. At least in that case the court eventually had enough of ATF arrogance and threw out the regulation. Hopefully a GOP controlled House of Representatives will keep pushing.

09 February 2011

Much is explained

Concerning Senator Jim Webb’s announcement that he will not run for election in 2012 —

I have this theory that the minute you take the oath in the US Senate your IQ starts decreasing. I think Webb took a look at Joe Biden, had a Flowers for Algernon moment, and decided to quit.


Operator Error

Just a quick note that even our regulatory state has decided that the “anomalous acceleration” incidents with Toyota vehicles are not due to faults in the electronics. Yet I doubt that will have any effect on the lawsuits or the regulators.

P.S. I need a Latin-ism word meaning “one who loves regulations for their own sake”. Lexiphile?

P.P.S. Hey Skipper sent an article about operational biases of bureaucrats a while back and this looks like a good place to reference it. We see most of these in relationship to the Toyota incident, and I think we could fairly label those the primary symptoms of lexiphilia.

Who would think that's wrong?

I find it stunning that Planned Paretnhood has to train its staff to prevent them from aiding pimps renting out underage girls. What kind of people are they hiring that this has to be explained? And shouldn’t there be some sort of general disdain on the American Street for an organization that does that, especially one that takes taxpayer money?

It does seem to be of a piece with the horrors of the Gosnell clinic which was de facto aided and abetted by two state regulatory agencies. While I am sure the primary reason was political (because so much of the MAL is pro-abortion), I think that it was the poor who suffered was a significant factor as well. Clearly, what is needed is more regulation and government intervention to clean up the existing regulation and government intervention.

08 February 2011

Party of the people

The recent massive GOP electoral success was fueled primarily by a grass roots movement called the Tea Parties. In response to that, and the likely budget cuts, the Democratic Party is calling on its partisans — the lobbyists. Who is the party of the people again?

Forgetting painful history

It’s never a bad time to be reminded of just how poorly so many of our leading credentialed morons view the world and the future. Today’s blast from the past is quotes from well known leading lights of the intelligentsia about the wonderful future ahead for Soviet Communism. This is contrasted with that dullard, former President Reagan, who was mocked for his claims that Soviet Communism didn’t work and would eventually collapse.

Of course, no lesson was learned from this by the MAL. Instead they claim Reagan is unreasonably claimed by conservatives.

Privilege and resentment

Natalie Solent writes about changes in attitudes in the UK with regard to gypsies. The key quote is

Some years ago a group of gypsies or travellers broke in and spent some time on land belonging to some people I know. They did damage, most as an accidental side effect of having broken in and lived there, and some for the hell of it, as far as anyone could tell. When hearing about this from several speakers, I noticed an interesting thing. The voices telling of the damage done and what it would cost to repair were annoyed but resigned. The real venom came into their voices when they described the police response, or rather the lack of it. The cops had hummed and hawed and then intimated that ejecting the trespassers was all too much of a political hot potato. If you want to poison a human soul with racial hatred, just do that. Tell him that the laws that burden him do not apply to them.

Which brings in to view the heart of the problem with the Department of Justice as exemplified in the Black Panther voter intimidation case. When senior officials at the DoJ are stating “the law was written to protect black people”, when the DoJ has as policy race based enforcement, then the DoJ is stoking the fires of racial resentment.

One is only left to wonder if this is by accident or design.

07 February 2011

Desmond syndrome

On NPR this morning were a couple of yakkers talking about President Obama’s interview by Bill O’Reilly. They were, of course, aghast that Obama would lower himself to be on Fox News but admitted “it’s the Super Bowl — that’s where the viewers are”. So even NPR has noticed that it is now Obama, the premier orator of our time, who has to chase audiences. I don’t remember former President Bush scheduling his speeches / interviews in relation to major entertainment events.

05 February 2011


How can you not laugh merrily at a story like this? Neighborhood “activists” managed to get a ban on renting out rooms like hotel rooms, because this attracted a lot of Euro-trash. Now, however, one of the landlords is converting his building in to a homeless shelter, which the “activists” appear to like even less.

Snuff journalism

I’ve been meaning to write about a couple of articles at Honest Reporting about Old Media coverage of the Middle East. The first concerns coverage of Palestinian “youth” flinging stones. What struck me is the photograph has not only the stone flinging youth but another photographer. How dense must the coverage be that they couldn’t avoid having other photographers in frame? The other was the “weapon” the youth is using — 5th graders would laugh at it. It’s not going to throw a rock farther than the guy taking the picture. It seems clear to me that this isn’t a real event, but purely theater created for Old Media. Of course, kids can still get radicalized and killed, so that Old Media can take pictures and sell some papers.

But that’s not the most ghoulish aspect. Old Media is willing to take pictures of lynch mobs too. How this is different from snuff flicks I fail to understand.

I can see reporting on events in which people may be killed. However, once such events become dependent on coverage, and occur because of the reporting and not in spite of it, members of a civilized culture would disengage.

04 February 2011

Keep on trusting

In another Narrative, we have the British Meteorological Office getting caught up in the conflict between its Narrative of Global Warmening vs. actual weather. They were caught out the last couple months due to the severe cold in the UK. Naturally, there was no admission of fault — instead history was updated to conform (as well as possible) to the new facts, and then faked the reason for that. I suppose once you just give up on facts, you might as well take full advantage, by also simply editing the data to get the proper result.

Yet certainly one should not, from all of this, draw the conclusion that a government ministry should ever be mistrusted! Clearly this is no reason to suspect anything might go wrong by turning over ever larger portions of the economy and our personal lives to this sort of organization. Why the very thought is far to “anti-gumint” to be reasonable.

02 February 2011

Narrative first, facts not really any time

A man in Michigan tried to blow up a mosque, and various MAList propaganda shops immediately tied it to “ the whole anti-gummint, illegitimate gummint, grab-yer-shootin’-arns-to-defend-the-right zeitgeist” but it turns out the guy is mostly a MAList himself. But remember kids, always watch out for right wing violence. People blown up or killed by non-right wingers aren’t really dead, they’re just cracked eggs who are metabolically challenged. See Piven, et. al..

Hundreds gather to protest global warmening

(Found here but I couldn’t locate the original source - the URL on the photo doesn’t work)

01 February 2011

Another messaging triumph

Candidate Obama says that individual mandate is unconstitutional. President Obama says it’s fine, or perhaps why pay attention to that old, hard to understand document. But that’s the price one can pay when one has no principles, and doesn’t rely on logic or facts for argument.

What we see here is, indirectly, what’s meant by the claim that Modern American Leftism is based on deceit. What was Obama doing in these two instances? Clearly, using logic and fact in a purely tactical way to advance his agenda and personal interests. But what are those? Without stable principles, without some publicly acknowledged foundation, one can’t know. I think that’s on purpose, that MALists such as Obama know they dare not come right out and say what they think. Therefore they emit a continuous fog of deception. This is just another example.