14 December 2010

Another space flight milestone

Let me offer my belated congratulations to the SpaceX corporation on their successful launch which is the first private orbital vehicle. Note that the capsule is human capable but was unmanned because it was as test flight. SpaceX has also received a contract from NASA for orbital services which I think is great news. If we’re going to have NASA, it should be doing research, not running a transportation company.

08 December 2010

You should be glad to sacrifice yourself to hurt the enemy!

Let’s start here, which links to Joe Weisenthal writing about “the ridiciulousness of the Democratic Party’s position on taxes” with regard to the latest proposed tax deal. Weisenthal gets some good points but I think one he missed is that being willing to stick the middle class with a $385B tax bill in order to hit the “rich” with a $75B tax bill is, well, regressive. Isn’t that exactly the kind of tax policy the Democratic Party rails against? Yet, there they are, promoting it as a moral crusade.

What we are seeing is that MAList tax policy isn’t about helping the middle class, but punishing the “rich”. If the middle class has to take an even bigger one in the shorts to get there, so be it. Making omelets and all that.

P.S. Isn’t it amusing that these are still the Bush tax cuts? The MAList hate is so strong that they’re not even trying to get the name changed.

P.P.S Given that this is occurring during a lame duck session with massive Democratic Party advantage in Congress and the White House, why isn’t it being labeled “bi-partisan”? Is it because that label can only apply to Democratic Party initiatives?