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A top Ilinois State Board of Elections official tells the DRUDGE REPORT how Mrs. Obama may have simply been ignorant of the law and thus violated it unintentionally.

“You kind of have to drop the standard for the first lady, right?” the official explained late Thursday. “I mean, she’s pretty well liked and probably doesn’t know what she’s doing.”

Drudge Report via Hot Air

“You kind of have to drop the standard” — an excellent summation of the entire Obama Administration. Once we expected our leaders to have higher standards. Now we are expected to think of them as not even measuring up to the average citizen. Hope and change, my friends, hope and change.

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erp Friday, 15 October 2010 at 12:18

Mrs. Obama is an affirmative action (her own words) graduate of Princeton, arguably the finest university* on the globe and Harvard Law School, arguably one of the top ten law schools in the land, so obviously she can’t be expected to know the first thing about anything.

How can I say such a thing? Why because I’m a racist of course.

I know this has been done to death, but imagine the exploding/imploding heads in the media if either Barbara or Laura Bush or Nancy Reagan had told people how to vote while being video taped voting inside a polling place.

*At least is was 30 years ago when my son was a student.

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