Spinning in front of the tsunami
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Here’s the funny thing, as an e-friend of mine was saying this morning, if for whatever reason the Dems do slightly better than expectations, say losing “only” 35 seats in the House, it will be hailed as a stunning victory for the Democrats. And, to be sure, it would be very good news for them. But you know the media would read it as some kind of mandate for Obama, despite the fact you have Democrats running against Obama, running against Pelosi and even running for George W. Bush. Russ Feingold would rather eat roadkill than shake Obama’s hand in front of a camera.

Obviously, I hope the press doesn’t get the chance to spin the election that way. But you just know they will if they can.

And, I should add, the press should keep in mind which Democrats get reelected and how, no matter what the over all vote tally is. If the only Dems in competitive races to hang on are the ones who distanced themselves from Obama-Pelosi-Reid, that’s worth knowing.

Jonah Goldberg

We can already see a similar phenomenon with the “Summer of Recovery” which should be the tagging equivalent of ‘Mission Accomplished’ but has been “unexpectedly” downplayed. One need only think back to how economic conditions during the Bush Administration were portrayed vs. what we have today. Marc Ambinder helps explain how it will go this election season, as the Democratic Party gears up to avoid discussing any issues.

Or press treatment of the putative ‘anti-war’ protest groups.

Of course, those who don’t follow the political line can expect a visit from enforcers to see that wrong things aren’t said. As Instapundit notes, they told me that if I voted for Sarah Palin John McCain I would get a government that cracked down on dissent, and they were right!

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