28 September 2010

Spinning in front of the tsunami

Here’s the funny thing, as an e-friend of mine was saying this morning, if for whatever reason the Dems do slightly better than expectations, say losing “only” 35 seats in the House, it will be hailed as a stunning victory for the Democrats. And, to be sure, it would be very good news for them. But you know the media would read it as some kind of mandate for Obama, despite the fact you have Democrats running against Obama, running against Pelosi and even running for George W. Bush. Russ Feingold would rather eat roadkill than shake Obama’s hand in front of a camera.

Obviously, I hope the press doesn’t get the chance to spin the election that way. But you just know they will if they can.

And, I should add, the press should keep in mind which Democrats get reelected and how, no matter what the over all vote tally is. If the only Dems in competitive races to hang on are the ones who distanced themselves from Obama-Pelosi-Reid, that’s worth knowing.

Jonah Goldberg

We can already see a similar phenomenon with the “Summer of Recovery” which should be the tagging equivalent of ‘Mission Accomplished’ but has been “unexpectedly” downplayed. One need only think back to how economic conditions during the Bush Administration were portrayed vs. what we have today. Marc Ambinder helps explain how it will go this election season, as the Democratic Party gears up to avoid discussing any issues.

Or press treatment of the putative ‘anti-war’ protest groups.

Of course, those who don’t follow the political line can expect a visit from enforcers to see that wrong things aren’t said. As Instapundit notes, they told me that if I voted for Sarah Palin John McCain I would get a government that cracked down on dissent, and they were right!

23 September 2010

Tea Parties Racism Watch

Oh, more race baiting from a political candidate — surely it is because of Tea Party influence, right?

P.S. If you want to know what real political violence against the established order in a democracy looks like, look at Greece, and not MAList paranoia.

It's not a bug, it's the root cause

Instapundit links to an article about how the Democratic Party is blaming corporate donations for their impending losses in the 2010 elections. The part I liked was this

If independent groups favoring Team Elephant have a spending advantage so far, it’s not because of recent changes in election law. Most of the advertising that irks Democrats was legal before Citizens United, and the plausible prospect of taking over one or both houses of Congress has energized Republicans, while Democrats are dispirited by the unpopularity of their party’s policies.
Yeah, you ram through policies that the public doesn’t like, you’re going to do badly. It’s that whole actions/consequences thing.

Pretending there’s no “whole actions/consequences thing” is why people join the Democratic Party in the first place.

16 September 2010

The wrong question

Sister Toldjah asks the question — “Will President Obama wait until 2012 to dump Vice President Biden?”. I think we should ponder “Will Biden wait until 2012 to dump Obama?”. For all of Biden’s gaffes, stupid remarks, and general lack of competence, he’s still ahead of Obama in terms of the public perception of such. After all, Biden’s gaffes are frequently Kinsley gaffes so, unlike Obama, he has at least a passing acquaintance with truth.

09 September 2010

Imitation is flattery

If the Tea Party is so fringe and unpopular, why try to fake it?

08 September 2010

It takes just one sign

Here’s a nutcase who has the complaint that President Obama isn’t really African-American because he’s not angry enough and doesn’t attack Republicans just because they’re Republicans. My question is — can I tar the entire MAL with this, since this author is a MAList? Yes, she’s a fringe element posting on the InterTubes, but how is that different from a single fringer holding up an inappropriate sign at a Tea Party rally? The latter seems to suffice to define the Tea Party, so shouldn’t I be able to use the same principle?

P.S. Or perhaps James Lee, crazy Al Gore fan. Can we talk about how Gore’s hateful rhetoric is killing people now?

Tea Partiers Trash

… turns out to be minimal to non-existent in sharp contrast to the aftermath of gatherings by their political opponents (check out any pictures of the mall after the Obama Inaugural). People who think these are the violent crazies in our society need to start paying attention to what various groups leave in their wake, rather than their own imaginations.

01 September 2010


When someone asks, “how do you expect the Tea Party to have a political impact?”, this is the answer. An out of nowhere opponent latches on to that energy and money and a scion of a powerful political family is deposed. It takes very few of those before most other candidates start shifting their positions.

More dog whistles

Secretary of Health and Human Services Kathleen Sebelius lets slip a code word — reeducation. We all know what that means when coming from a MAList, especially when Secretary of Education Arne Duncan is calling out the staff for a political rally and anti-Mormon rhetoric is leading to violence. How can you not be worried?

P.S. Related, a couple of “Tea Party violence watch” items —