30 August 2010


Lady of Mazes on an H128

22 August 2010

The song remains the same

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has made clear she wants investigate opposition to the Ground Zero Mosque after saying it, then having an aide walk it back. Well, the House Un-American Activites Committee was a creation of the Democratic Party, it shouldn’t be surprising their leaders always return to their roots.

There's still one elite we can count on

Remember kids, government appartchiks never have any incentives to cut fiscal corners or act for their own advantage over that of the taxpayers — it’s always the fault of the Evil Business Community. The only solution seems to be to legislate the latter out of existence. We can be thankful that President Obama’s War on Prosperity is making that a reality.

An execution truly focuses the mind

Now even Representative Barney Frank has figured out that Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac were the root of the problem and has called for them to be abolished. Or, “Stop my minions before they kill again!” he cried. These people don’t have different ideas about how economies really work, they know the free marketeers are right, which leaves a rather unpleasant explanation for their actions when times are not desperate. When there is no other choice, then looting scum like Frank will give in to reality. But until then it’s party time on the taxpayer’s dime.

P.S. On the other hand, there’s work on bailing out free spending union management with taxpayer dollars — because unions oppose management so union management, by definition, can never do anything that would harm the workers. After all, what incentives would they have to cut fiscal corners, not being CEOs?

Recyling the template

I would like to hear [President] Obama say that Dr. Laura has every right in America to say what she said.

Danube of Thought

Why not? After all, Obama could just recycle his remarks on the Ground Zero Mosque. A principle is a principle, right?

To me, the biggest display of intolerance has been on the part of the “anti-anti” side who hesitated not a moment in labeling opposition to the mosque as “hatred”, “bigotry”, “intolerance”, and “racism” (against Muslims who, last I checked, were not a race). Like the global warmenists, I will believe those people are concerned with tolerance, acceptance, and cross cultural healing when they demonstrate some themselves.

20 August 2010

Now they want us to be in Jesusland?

After the 2004 election, some lefties branded the U.S. “Jesusland.” Now they’re scrambling to deny rumors that Obama doesn’t love Jesus. Odd, yes?

Daily Caller

The MAL doesn’t have principles beyond “we should be running your life”. Anything else is just a rhetorical trick.

Getting at the real heart of darkness
From Volokh comes another reminder of how foreign the socialist mind is to me. From Johann Hari writing about how Jack London was a racist:
This man was the most-read revolutionary Socialist in American history, agitating for violent overthrow of the government and the assassination of political leaders.… And yet there is an infected scar running across his politics that is hard to ignore.
Sure, he wanted people murdered over political disagreements and he advocated the violent overthrow of the government - but he had a dark side, too.


Remember kids, the lesson here is fear right wing violence! Socialist violence is never a problem.

Not in our community!

A proposed law set to go before California’s Legislature this month would make one of Hollywood’s cherished utterances — “You’re not on the list” — carry grave new consequences. It’s a measure aimed at making the act of party crashing a misdemeanor punishable by up to six months in jail, a $1,000 fine or both.

Hot Air

Cross the national border illegally? Get sanctuary. Crash a Hollywood party without an invite and do some hard time.

12 August 2010

That's a very big fringe

Via Hot Air we have Rasmussen reporting that a majority of likely voters consider the current Democratic Party agenda “extreme”. I suppose we’ll see at the ballot box in November.

P.S. Could it be things like this that are contributing to this view? Or maybe this kind of play on racial fears and group identity. Apparently the meme that it’s the Tea Party that should be watched is foundering on the rocks of reality.

The American public has a more positive view of the Tea Party movement than both leaders of the majority party in Congress, according to a poll released Wednesday. [source]

Now that’s a fringe.

05 August 2010

Stealing in the name of the victims

Obama Administration is planning to siphon money from Justice Department prosecutions to politically favored non-governmental groups. But clearly we should never worry about any polticization of such tax farming, where NGO actors apply their creativity in generating cases for which they get money. Such apparatchiks simply don’t have incentive to cut such ethical corners.