Tea Party Violence Watch
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It seems that the recent riot in Oakland was hardly spontaneous — it was in fact planned but unexpectedly it wasn’t Tea Party activists. Nevertheless, the clear lesson is to maintain vigilance against those nut cases and not get distracted by unexpected events like this riot.

A video of another citizen concerned about Tea Party violence with plans to combat it.

Let’s not forget about when SEIU thugs attacked a banker’s home (additional information). This is a good essay on why we are seeing a resurgence of violence from the political left, which is naturally (both to distract and because they inevitable project their own failings on their opponents) trying to play up the not nearly as common violence of the ravening right wing hordes.

22 Jul 10 — Not strictly Tea Party related, but I am sure this abuse of citizen journalists was inspired by them.

And, what you’ve been waiting for, Tea Party related racism with a para-military group with people being told “go back to Europe, you’re too white”. If only the Tea Party activists could be shipped off to Camp X-Ray, this wouldn’t happen!

Another videographer attacked!

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erp Friday, 09 July 2010 at 12:32
How much longer will Californians tolerate this kind of violence?
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