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The leadership of the Democratic Congressional caucus has sent around a memo of talking points which explicitly states to not discuss the fact that the leadership intends to repeal the medicare cuts that were put in the health care nationalization legislation to make it look less expensive. Why isn’t this a headline in most newspapers? Is it just not topical enough?

P.S. Let’s add this from Mega McArdle (via Instapundit)

On the eve of the possible passage of a health care bill, Arizona has provided a glimpse of our possible future by shutting down its SCHIP program and booting a bunch of people out of Medicaid […]

The reason this is so troubling, of course, is that the new proposed health care plan gets about half of its coverage expansion through adding people to Medicaid. The state side of this expense doesn’t show up on the books as a government expenditure (neatly enabling the bill to get a lower CBO score), but someone in America has to be taxed to pay for it, and there is a big problem when tax revenues fall short of the required expenditure.

The flagrant budget gaming here is astounding, and the near silence of Old Media on the subject is telling.

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AVeryRoughRoadAhead Sunday, 21 March 2010 at 03:59

The leadership of the Democratic Congressional caucus [intends]…

Well, that’s the rub, innit.

What they intend to do, and what they’ll be able to do after Jan. ‘11, are almost certainly two different things. Perhaps this is a bit of perception management? They send out a memo which they know will be leaked, reassuring their base that they want to do the right thing, as soon as they can trick a bunch of imbeciles into supporting the legislation…

Annoying Old Guy Sunday, 21 March 2010 at 09:11

Yes, but it still doesn’t explain Old Media’s disinterest. It is of a piece, though, with ignoring large protests about the legislation while back in the day, “anti-war” protests with a few dozen people would be national news. And the lack of respect for absolute moral authority these days.

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