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A Tale of Two Leaders which compares ex-President Reagan’s response to Solidarity vs. President Obama’s to demonstrators in Iran. Not a perfect analogy, but close enough for government work.

Media Matters demonstrates the fine art of editing for effect in which they lambast Fox News for leaving out … the things Media Matters clipped from the video.

Let me show a bit of appreciation for Old Media not being totally subservient to President Obama when they refused to go along with the exclusion of Fox News from the White House Press Pool. One might say it was in self interest because of the possiblity of a future GOP President, but isn’t most of our system based on that? That they were able to see themselves in FNC’s shoes in the future is a good thing.

Attorney General Eric Holder — when you’re stumped by Senator Lindsey Graham, you’ve got a serious problem. I knew Holder was a incompetent hack but I didn’t think even he was stupid enough to propose a trial with massive political implications without, say, checking for precedents. It’s one thing to try to twist the law around, but it’s a far worse thing to not even understand why twisting might be necessary.

President Obama is addicted to the word “unprecedented”. He sprinkles it liberally on everything he does, even if it is very precedented. However, sometimes he does achieve that uniqueness he feels he deserves — Japanese Newspaper calls Obama visit “worst in history”. Way to top the charts! (via Just One Minute)

Remember, the problem with the leaked data from the East Anglia Climate Research unit isn’t the behavior it reveals, but that it was written down for others to discover. UN-believable.

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