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Brewers want in on White House beer bash

“Yuengling is proud to be recognized as America’s Oldest Brewery,” a company spokesman told POLITICO. “Family owned and operated since 1829, we’ve been a part of conflict resolution for over 180 years!”

SWIPIAW is a big fan of Yuenglings. We pick up a case or two any time we’re in the Pittsburg area. IIRC Yuenglings used to brew Sam Adams as well.

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Jack Diederich Sunday, 02 August 2009 at 18:44

I would say there is a zero percent chance that Yuengling ever brewed Sam Adams. In the 90s Yuengling struggled to expand to keep up with demand for their own product and ended up purchasing a brewery in Tampa. Which is why you can now get it on the East Coast anywhere South of New York.

I no longer live in the Mid-Atlantic so I pick up a few cases every time I’m down there.

Annoying Old Guy Sunday, 02 August 2009 at 22:00

Yes, I misremembered. It was the makers of Iron City Beer who brewed Sam Adams. I remembered that it was a Pittsburg brewing company but not the right one.

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