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Let’s drop in a link to this little rant about Keith Olbermann and his very progressive reaction to Carrie Prejean being against legalizing homosexual marriage.

As many readers already know, this whole thing started when Prejean was asked to state her view on same-sex marriage. She stated a view slightly to the left of Barack Obama’s (and Al Gore’s, and Hillary Clinton’s). She therefore had to be trashed on the progressive TV shows which endlessly kiss that president’s keister. Thereby attracting the demo, of course, which these programs exist to stalk.

But uh-oh! Suddenly, it had been revealed that the lady in question has breast implants! As a major TV progressive, Olbermann sensed that he had to act. (Executive producer Bill Wolff may have been called in to help with his thinking.) But the topic was too challenging for one actor alone. And since you can’t spell “Musto” without the word “smut,” Michael Musto, Village Voice seer, was rushed to a nearby studio.

I am not going to re-cite what these two abusive personalities said, you can click through if you want to know. But hey — as we all know, if you are promoting a failed ideology you have to go with misdirection and ad hominem, even if it makes a total mockery of your putative ideology.

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erp Saturday, 09 May 2009 at 10:32

Since her stated position on gay marriage is identical with Obama’s, one wonders why the One isn’t similarly chastised and embarrassing personal details about his appearance aren’t also in the news.

Say what you will about ma belle’s glamorous appearance, at least she didn’t get breast implants … yet.

Be interesting to see a survey on how men like the look of implants. I’ve read that many girls are getting them as 16th birthday or HS graduation gifts!

Annoying Old Guy Saturday, 09 May 2009 at 11:56


I think we all know the answer to that.

As for implants, it rather depends on the skill of the surgeon. Breasts are generally strongly shaped by clothes so the implant distinction is less. My tactile experiences are of a rather limited set so I can’t speak to that.

I was reading recently an article discussing the fact that many female lawyers are getting implants, but going up only a cup size or two, which was easily concealed by standard lawyer clothing. Apparently the point wasn’t to look good to men, but to feel better about themselves, even if no one else ever noticed. Young girls who get implants are, IMHO, likely to be doing for the same reason or for competition against other women. Speaking as someone who was once a 16 year old boy, few indeed are the girls who need breast implants to make their breasts attractive to their male age peers.

Andrea Harris Sunday, 10 May 2009 at 11:45

Up until my middle-aged weight gain I’ve always been more or less flat-chested. Sometimes I think I’m the only small-boobed woman in America who wishes her boobs were even smaller. And I think I’m the only American of any sex left who still thinks of surgery as something for medical emergencies, not attraction enhancement. (File in the Why Can’t People Be More Like Me files.)

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