Ooooh, that's gotta hurt!
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Trust me, this is a truly visicous hit from a review of Atlas Shrugged

Rand introduces a series of hyper-competent characters […] They are a bit reminiscent of similar characters found in Robert Heinlein novels, except they are less flawed and tend to lack the ability to laugh at themselves.

Despite that, the review is overall positive. I have always quite liked the book, but I would hardly claim that it contains much high quality writing. It does, however, have powerful passages like this —

Nobody professed to understand the question of the frozen railroad bonds; perhaps, because everybody understood it too well. At first, there had been signs of a panic among the bondholders and of a dangerous indignation among the public. Then, Wesley Mouch has issued another directive, which ruled that people could get their bonds “defrozen” upon a plea of “essential need”: the government would purchase the bonds, if it found the proof of the need satisfactory. There were three questions that no one answered or asked: “What constituted proof?” “What constituted need?” “Essential — to whom?”

These are exactly the sort of questions I like to ask proponents of government intervention, and it is rare indeed that any specific answers are forthcoming. Yet it is those answers that will enable you to know what the long term behavior of the system will be. It’s telling that such questions are mostly unasked or the answers deliberately obscured.

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