Dealing with a faceted persona
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I don’t normally care much for James Lilek, but this column was reasonable. It did bring back to me an issue with Twitter and other such social technology, which is that I am a multi-faceted person and there is very little overlap of interest between those facets.

For instance, I am a father and my kids are utterly fascinating to my family and SWIPAIW’s family, but really of no interest to anyone else. My political opions, which are of interest to at least you wierdos, find no willing audience among those families. However, I could probably stun most of you in to near catatonia in minutes if I got rolling on the glories of some new trick I figured out involving the optimization of internet protocol handling libraries in C++, even though I do have acquaintences who find that fascinating.

Consider how this applies to something like Twitter. What would I tweet about? My kids? My politics? My template meta-programming? I suppose I could have multiple avatars but then I have to keep them straight and monitor all of them. It rapidly becomes more trouble than it’s worth and I haven’t seen anything that really addresses this issue.

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erp Saturday, 14 March 2009 at 20:48

Lileks has become too multi faceted IMO. His Bleats about his daughter were interesting and screeds entertainingly on target. I especially like the one about The Olive Garden.

Of course, unlike most of the bloggers and commenters here, he doesn’t have another job/source of income. He has to make his living by those little magnetic marks in the ether you were talking about.

Harry Eagar Sunday, 15 March 2009 at 15:00

He has a good job at the Star-Tribune, makes a lot more from that than I do at my little paper. The Bleat was independent of that, but has lately gotten entangled in his newspaper stuff.

I agree with you about the old Bleat. It isn’t just that he’s spread himself too thin, it’s that he’s entangled himself in too many technologies. Lost his focus.

I thought he was the outstanding spokesman for the Great American Middle for a while, the Sage of Emporia of his time.

Andrea Harris Sunday, 15 March 2009 at 22:25

I signed up for Twitter thinking I’d use it for those random thoughts I’d get for blog posts or other stuff I’m writing when I’m away from home and not by a computer (I have a cell phone I can text from). You know, for writing up later. But texting’s a pain in the ass, and I haven’t had as many of those thoughts as I thought I would. And I still can’t quite get the hang of that “following” thing. Anyway, the problem with all these social networking sites (like Twitter, Facebook, et al) is you have to be social to really want to use them, and I’m not. My friends have gotten used to me contacting them maybe every two months.

Lileks has become unfocused. I thought I’d rather he go to a straight blog type site than the once-a-day, not-on-weekends diary-type thing he used to do but then he did and I don’t read his site as much. I don’t read the comments at all and I usually love comment threads (well, love-hate). I never read that Buzz thing he had on his paper’s site — I’ve no interest in the goings-on in Minneapolis. (He probably reads comments like these in simmering irritation: “Is there nothing I can do to please people?!”)

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