Bad precedent
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From Brothers Judd

When John McCain similarly stumbled over campaign finance rules he dedicated himself to cleaning up the system. Were Mr. Geithner to use his time in office to focus on tax simplification it would be well spent.

Given the results from the events described in the first sentence, I don’t see how the second one follows.

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pj Tuesday, 20 January 2009 at 14:13

Yes, “reform” legislation is just a vehicle for rewarding politically influential constituencies, especially the most influential of all, incumbent politicians. So we can be sure that any “tax simplification” would primarily consist of an income transfer from the middle class to elites.

Anyway, what makes Orrin think that Geithner will have any power to propose tax simplification? He’ll propose only what Nancy Pelosi wants him to propose, or he’ll soon be an ex-Treasury Secretary.

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