All the world's a stage
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I saw this photograph at Little Green Footballs where it was a topic of “fake or not?”. The matter was considered settled when some one found another photograph by a different photographer of the same strike.

I was reminded of when I (through no fault of my own) caught a segment on CNN about riots in Oakland where the protestors were trying to destroy a police car. What I notice was a good number of people with very nice cameras hanging about, not counting the CNN crew.

Both of these are linked by the (to me) oddity of having so many pro or semi-pro photographers in apparently dangerous situations. The Oakland riots video clips were the most interesting, as it looked more like a “How It Was Made” retrospective for a movie than a real event. And how really deadly can the bombing in Gaza be if so many photographers are able to be there and get photographs that they get photographs of the exact same bomb strike? Not different bombs on the same target, but literally the same strike1.

The line between reality, staging, and politics is becoming more blurred all the time. Perhaps instead of “war is politics by other means” we are entering the era of “violence is just an Internet flame war by other means”.

1 Although the Israeli government policy of phoning in warnings may have made this somewhat easier.

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Thomas Jackson Saturday, 17 January 2009 at 00:12

Why such restrictions? What are you a bigot? If two men can marry why draw such an distinction between Bobby and his pet goat? How about Bobby and his son little Bobby Jr? If both are adults why shouldn’t they get the same recognition that you would give others?

Marriage exists for many reasons such as the stabilization of society. Try living in an envirnonment filled with young, unmarried males unleavened by the presence of females and you’ll see why its in society’s interest for stable marriages to exist beyond reproduction.

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